How Much Does Laura Malina Seiler Make on youtube

No Fear – Stepping Forward in Business

A lot is written about fear. Fear of failure, fear of success. Fear of taking the next step, fear of not taking it. It is an emotion that can permeate both our private and professional lives. For all the analysis and sensationalizing, some fears can get blown up out of proportion.

The 5 Big Mistakes New TEFL Teachers Make

The TEFL industry can be a minefield. Follow my advice and you will avoid the 5 big mistakes most new TEFL teachers make.

Making the Leap From Paramedic to RN

If you’re considering making the leap from Paramedic to RN and aren’t sure what your new career will bestow on you, you should weigh the differences between the two career paths before committing to a Paramedic to RN bridge program. There are more differences between a Paramedic and RN than you might think.

How to Guarantee You Won’t Get That Job – Five Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

This tongue-in-cheek article contains five recommendations that, when applied correctly, will help ensure you handle the job interview like a pro. And, to ensure someone else is hired, just follow these steps.

Substitute Teaching Jobs – What Can You Expect?

It’s impossible to predict exactly what your substitute teaching job experience will be. Every district and every school will have a unique personality. Much of your experience will depend on what you want the job to be. But there are constants that you can count on.

Are You Really Suitable to Be a Veterinary Technician?

Veterinary technician is currently one of the most fast growing careers in United States. Many people have the intention to venture into this field as this profession is able to generate ideal income. However, before making your decision to obtain certification in this line, it is important for you to make thorough consideration to evaluate whether you are really a suitable candidate that fits this job.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Home Inspector Profession

The demand for home inspection service has been increasing in the recent years as more and more home buyers require their homes to be inspected prior to purchase. It has created countless opportunities for the licensed home inspectors to establish their own home inspection business.

Who Are Medical Billers and What Do They Do?

The medical billing field is constantly growing and always is a great field to look for employment. Find out what a medical biller does and see if it is the right career opportunity for you.

How to Make Yourself Noticed at Work

You know you have a big potential? Want to get noticed? How would you feel if you were clearly distinguished from the others? Especially now when all of us are motivated by the global crisis. I think you have all seen that the world has changed, customs and traditions have changed, and lately the concept of branding has evolved.

How to Earn Money by Putting Your Mind to Work

To be successful in today’s world, one does not necessarily need to have a college degree. According to studies, the numbers of under employed graduates are rising. Unless the profession you want needs a certain license like a lawyer or a doctor, you do not have to have a college degree. History has proven that a lot of people have earned money by doing the work they enjoy even without college education.

Personal Training Jobs – Should You Try to Get a Job Or Create Your Own Wealth Strategy?

Many Personal Trainers struggle financially despite the high hourly rates which can be charged legitimately for their services in this business. Why is that, and how can you avoid these pitfalls to become wealthy and enjoy the lifestyle you want, while still helping others?

Can You Say No to Overtime When the Management Demands It?

Friday night is the most exciting time for an employee. During this time, there are already a lot of plans that are running in our minds on what to do for the night with friends or loved ones. However, if your boss tells you that you still cannot leave since there are more work to do, then you will be left behind and working for the tasks that your boss tells you to do, during the time that you should be enjoying a wonderful night with friends and loved ones. Can your boss really mandate you to work overtime?

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