How Much Does Lavender Clothesline Make on YouTube

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Here is the paradox: Most of us strive to get our lifestyles comfortable. And then eventually, and inevitably, “…we connect with our own deeper truth and begin searching for a bit broader comfort zone that offers some degree of challenge, growth, and opportunity for meaningful service, and purpose in life – for a deeper connection with life and our work!” – Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul and a Life at Work.

Medical Careers – Is It The Right Choice For You?

Are you considering a career in the medical field? Many say that its something that need to be a calling and not just another job. In many ways this is true because it can be very demanding and very challenging. It does not suite every type of personality and unless you have the tenacity, the care and the passion it will probably get to you after a while.

The Role That Radiology Technicians Play In Radiology

Many people think that Radiologists are doctors who take x-rays. Although this is true, the reality is that Radiologists are highly qualified medical experts and becoming fully qualified can take up to 9 years of full time study. The field of radiology is one of the most important in medicine today because human imaging allows doctors and medical experts to see inside your body.

Top 10 Ways to Recover From an Office Faux Pas

We all do it (including yours truly). We all put our big feet in our big mouths from time to time, or display behavior that is inconsistent with the professional veneer that most of us put over the cave-man or cave-woman with our suits and briefcases. Here are some tips on gaffes and how to deal with them.

Jobs Hiring Now – Grab One Before It’s Too Late

If you have found yourself out of work you should check out the jobs hiring now – grab one before it’s too late as the best positions do not stay vacant for long. Today there are in fact a number of avenues you could explore that can allow you access to the most desirable of positions.

Mentoring Makes Sense

Whether you are beginning your job search, about to start a job, entering further education or still researching career options, a mentor may be able to help. This article describes the benefits of mentoring and offers a real-life example.

How to Make Yourself Stand Out When Applying for Marketing Jobs

While it is true that the marketing employment sector is tight these days, by no means does it mean that there isn’t room for a dedicated and driven young marketer to find huge success. However, if you do expect to make your mark as a marketer, when looking for jobs you are going to need to find ways to make your expertise stand out from that of the competition. With that being said, here are some things that you can think about which can help you get those marketing jobs instead of your competitors.

Personal Career Development – A Systematic Personal Career Plan Is Essential

In this constantly changing working environment today, personal career development planning is vitally important if we are to remain employable and to achieve our career goals. A systematic approach to your personal career plan is very essential these days if we are to observe that over the years, skills that were once in great demand have become obsolete due to the progress in new technology and market dynamics.

Resume Writing Guide – Advice for Writing an Effective Resume

For many job seekers, even gaining that all important job interviews have been elusive let alone getting employed. It certainly is a known fact that an effective resume can help to create a positive first impression that your prospective employer will have of you, even before the interview. Needless to say, therefore it is advisable for job seekers to attain some resume writing abilities to be able to present an effective resume in their application to secure that dream job they have in mind. To prepare an effective resume here are some useful advice that you should consider.

How To Find The Right Job If You Are A People Person

If you crave social interaction but you find yourself in a job that separates you from people, it may be time for a change. Consider a few of these people-person careers that give you a chance to be social.

Jobs Requiring People Skills, Talent And Experience

While you can spend years building the education and experience it takes to succeed in some jobs, if you lack people skills, you will never be a success. Here are a few jobs you should consider if you have great people skills.

How To Find A Job That Is Emotionally Rewarding

Many people work to earn a paycheck, but others find that is not enough. Here are a few ideas if you are searching for work that is emotionally fulfilling.

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