How Much Does Leadfarmer73 Make On YouTube

Starting Career As a Professional Translator

I am qualified; I have got a qualified linguist degree from a well recognized university of my country. What should I do now? Which is the best place to start my career?

If I Keep My Job, Would I Prefer to Be Dead?

Are you keeping your job because you are scared? Is misery really better than venturing out? If you want a new job, why not now? If you hate your job, will you hate it less next year? Now is the time to do something about it.

Admin Assistant Jobs

There are a lot of admin assistant jobs available in almost all the IT companies. These include working in different departments and positions. The person working in administrative position must have a good experience and a vision to excel in every aspect of the work he/she performs.

Who Do You Ask For A Raise? Yourself Or Your Boss!

If a person in a regular job wants a raise, what do they have to do? First they’ve got to start working really hard (to get noticed), then go begging to their boss to convince them that they are worth more than he or she thinks.

Dreaming of Being Your Own Boss?

Did you know the number one reason most people give for wanting to start their own top tier direct sales home business isn’t that they want more money? Surprising! It’s not that they get to set their own hours, either.

Ways to Guarantee a Promotion

Ready to ask for that next big promotion but have no idea how to go about it? Here I describe a few basic do’s and don’ts for climbing that corporate ladder.

Roadmap to a Career As a Fashion Photographer

Learn some tips and get some advice from an insider in the industry! A straightforward plan is always going to make your career path a more successful one. So, you need to read this guide in order to start refining your plan.

High Paying Job Sectors in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the top destination by foreign expatriates. Due to luxurious lifestyle and tax-free salaries it has become a dream destination especially for westerns. Due to flexible economic arrangements in the region lots of multinational firms have established branches in Dubai.

Is Your Boss Controlling Your Life?

When your boss says jump, is your response “how high?” Isn’t it ironic that we are conditioned to accept the direction of a boss, and we all do just what they tell us no matter how hard it may be, but when faced with some financial goal of our own we buckle under the strain? If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny!

Who Do You Really Work For?

When you go to work, it’s not your boss you’re working for. The reason you’re there is for your family. If you were going to get paid anyway, regardless of whether you turned up for work or not, would you honestly go?

4 Main Things You Need to Focus On When You Are Searching For Jobs

Nowadays, with the technology advancement, newspaper is no longer the only media we refer to when we want to look for a new job. There are many job opportunities available through the internet. There are many websites which enable us to obtain the latest hiring news from different industries.

How to Become the Best Male Nurse in Training

Men comprise approximately 6 % of today’s nurses. Faced with special challenges from people and the institutions that believe nursing is the women’s profession, a lot of men discover success by defying the stereotypes.  As the population keeps on growing, so does the requirement for educated nursing professionals.

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