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Job Negotiating Strategies – (2) Bargaining From a Neutral Position

This is the second in the series of four articles about negotiating for your best job offer. Here we look at the most common negotiating situation, bargain from a neutral position where you are qualified but not are the “ideal candidate.’ Issues discussed include how to best prepare for negotiations, salary negotiations, total package negotiations, when to decline, counter offers, and negotiating in different market conditions.

What Does it Take to Become a Teacher?

Are you ready to start your teaching career? If so, we are going to share with you what it will take to be the best teacher you can.

Setting Career Objectives – 9 Steps to Achieve Career Goals

Many people find that the pressures of juggling with work, family and everyday life means that our career goals and career plans are more difficult to achieve than we had hoped. Well-intended resolutions such as setting up new career objectives are soon given up.

How to Become a Teacher Without a Degree

Did you know that you can land a teaching job without a degree? We are going to teach you the steps you need in order to land your dream job.

Pass That Interview – Preparation

The old adage “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” was never truer than in the interview situation. In my experience thorough and focused preparation will get the candidate over 50% of the way to a job offer before they even walk into the interview. Follow the advice below to ensure you are comprehensively prepared.

Entrepreneurs Thanking the Recession

Though most of the world may be grieving because of the ill economic effects of the global recession, a lot of entrepreneurs may actually feel the exact opposite. A number of opportunities have opened up to entrepreneurs which actually helped them make millions despite the hard times. If you’re aiming to become an entrepreneur, it may be a great option depending on your traits and passion about the job. Here are some tips and tricks.

Rewarding Careers – Being a Nanny

Working as a nanny may be one of the most fulfilling jobs one can have. Taking care of children takes away barriers of work only attitude. As nannies, they normally get attached to the children after some time.

Working From Home

The best thing in the world or just a chance to be lazy? Working from home for some people is amazingly freeing and they enjoy the peace that a quiet home office brings.

What a JOB Really Means

Having a job is normal in today’s society. As a matter of fact, most of us were raised up and trained to prepare for work after we graduate…

Teaching Music – A Stable and a Noble Profession

Teaching music must be so much fun and rewarding. With so many inspiring stories from different music teachers around the globe, I know that most of us agree when I say that teaching can certainly be one of the most noble and fulfilling professions one can possibly engage himself into.

Entry-Level Career Search Basics

Looking for an entry-level position in your area? Not sure what first steps to take? Here are the answers to make your job search a successful process.

Looking For Entry Level Finance Jobs

There are several jobs that you need to fill in order to successfully run your company. Besides finding a great receptionist that will be able to work with your customers, you need to fill entry level finance jobs. These jobs are extremely important to the company as all your financial interests of the company will rest in their hands.

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