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Daily Life On An Oil Rig

Even though everyone works at close quarters and there are many different types of people, nationalities, education and skill levels, and even languages, everyone’s role on the rig is important. Because of all these differences and the distance from shore and home, the most important element for daily life on an oil rig is the ability to get along with others.

Where Can You Go For Career Help?

One of the best resources for career help right now is what is called a career blog. Many of these are written by people who are already working in the industry that you are working in or seeking work in, but some of these blogs are more generic and touch on issues such as brushing up your resume or making connections with other like-minded people online.

What a Career Blog Can Do for You

With the unemployment rate as high as it is right now and so many people vying for the same few job openings, it is completely understandable why people are looking to different ways to get their name out there and also to learn about jobs that could be opening. If you have not yet looked into a career blog for assistance, then this is an interesting way to learn more about your industry, find out how people are getting their jobs, and even learn about jobs before they are publicly listed.

Do You Really Need a Resume in Today’s Job Market?

Though I have no plans to leave my current job and search for another one, every once in a while I call up my resume on Word and update any pertinent information. I find that a resume is one of those things that should remain ready to go…just in the event somebody asks to see it. I view it not only as a good exercise in charging my memory but as an opportunity for nostalgia – I’ll find skills listed there that are likely not relevant now. Would a prospective employer be impressed that I know how to use Adobe PageMaker, which was discontinued in 2004? Probably not.

Great Things About Fashion Freelancing

Every person dream of having the freedom to be able to control time especially when it comes to work related task and have your dream fashion hob. Now you can have it with different fashion freelancing jobs that you can easily find in the internet.

Why Pursue a Career in Finance?

  In the olden days a career in finance did not offer anything more than a back-office recording keeping job. A finance person was understood to be a record-keeping person in an organization. However, with the evolution of business landscape, the role of finance has evolved and become more challenging.

Career Change Series – Tip 1 – Write Your Own Job Description and Your Dream Employers

I have had a number of really interesting jobs over the past 10 years. They have been in highly sought after industries, often roles I hadn’t done previously and each role has included a substantial pay increase. As a result I often have people asking me “but how the hell did you do it”?

Once It’s Posted, Everyone Knows About It

I was near the close of a session with a client recently, where I was praising him for all the diligent work he had been putting in on his job search. From building his marketing plan, to reaching out to those in his network to let them know he was actively looking, to researching firms in his target market, he was following thoroughly the processes that are successful for experienced job seekers.

Truth and Career Success

Truth – honesty with yourself – is the most critical element of your career success. Let’s talk about a few situations where that self-honesty may be needed.

How to Get a Raise – The Only Guide You Will Ever Need

One of the easiest and best ways to increase your income is to ask for a raise. If you are like most people then just the thought of asking your boss for a raise might make your heart pound. It can be a scary experience.

5 Ways to Know That You Need to Quit Your Job

One day you want to quit your job and the next you think you can handle it. You go back and forth almost every week and you just can’t make a decision on whether you should seek alternative employment. The good news is that by considering a few factors that you might not have thought of before, you can make that final decision to stay or go.

3 Common Resume Mistakes When Sending to Recruiting Firms

While there are an abundance of resume mistakes that job seekers make when working with headhunters, there are a few that stand out. These include the following 3:

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