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Recognizing and Highlighting Your Areas of Expertise in the Trades

With the economy the way it currently is, it is now more important than ever to make yourself stand out when applying for a job. The first step toward successfully marketing yourself as a potential employee is designing an attention-grabbing resume. The best way to achieve this is to showcase your areas of expertise or core competencies. These are traits that you possess or operations that you excel at.

Kill the Business Not the Creative People

I was a bit bothered by a study someone did when they said, “90% of corporations say that creativity is vital to their success.” Yet how come 90% don’t have any true “creative” people employed there?

Job Advice For Mommies

As a mom, many quickly learn the difficulties of raising children, spending many hours a day working, teaching, and helping their children grow. At times, this may be compounded by the need to earn a income to support their growing family.

Everyone Gets Fired

College students and recent graduates sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they will never get fired.  Unfortunately, you probably will. However, the question becomes, what will you do when you get fired?

Rational Career Planning – Understanding 6 Career Vs Job Differences

Career and job do not mean the same. What makes a job different from career is not a matter of ‘aptitude’ as much as it is of ‘attitude’. Learn and understand why before planning a career.

The Faith Versus Fear Mindset

A small business startup expert reveals the lessons learned, and how they apply to small business owners, when she went skydiving and had to rely on faith instead of opting for fear. It seems that economic conditions and money worries have prompted some business owners to forget their vision, release their commitment to success and make decisions to cut resources, scale back on assistance and abandon marketing campaigns.

How to Keep Your Job and Get a Promotion – Winning Rules to Follow

In the job market today, the rules of old still apply when it comes to keeping your present job. Whether you are a professional, white collar, blue collar, or no collar at all, you still need to know what the mechanics are to follow for not only keeping your job, but to also get promotions as well. The labor market today is playing by the law of supply and demand. Businesses are going bankrupt, and employees are the first to go. While employed, you need to know the winning rules to follow. Read this article which is based on many years of experience, and gain that ‘edge of knowledge’ that will be of tremendous help to you.

The Advantages of an MBA

In many modern business situations, the MBA, or Master of Business Administration degree, has become something of the yardstick by which applicants are measured. Developed as the United States was undergoing mass industrialization in the late 1800s, the degree sought to bring science and true organization to the burgeoning world of large-scale business, and even today, the degree is considered the starting point to a career in upper-level business. If you are hoping to advance your career to the higher levels of business management, the MBA is a practical necessity.

I Think I May Want to Be a Firefighter

If you are considering making firefighting your career, you should spend some time researching the details of the job first. Becoming a firefighter is a very challenging process. It involves a lot of preparation and determination. You need to be physically fit and mentally strong.

How to Become a Career Firefighter

If you have already decided to become a career firefighter, congratulations. Making the decision is the first of many steps towards realizing your goal. The advise I am going to provide is the exact strategy I used to become a career firefighter. By using this strategy, I only had to take two tests before being offered a Job as an entry level firefighter.

How To Be More Successful As a Lease Purchase Owner Operator While Being Healthier and Happier

Everyone wants to be successful and make money. There are many ways to be more successful as a trucking lease purchase owner operator but you want to make sure you do so in a manner that will make you a happier and healthier individual. Being more efficient will make your job and life a little easier while pleasing your company, customers and DOT. Doing things when they need to be done will improve your efficiency and thereby improve your success as a trucking lease purchase owner operator.

The Best Ten Ways to Be Business Smart

This short article is meant for graduating hypnotherapy students but the advice is universal in that they apply to people from other professions or jobs as well. It gives concise and practical tips to graduating students.

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