How Much Does Lifestyle Overland Make on youtube

What is a Learning Technologist?

Recently the situations vacant column has seen the appearance of ads for “learning technologist” and “educational technologist”. What is the role of these people, and might this be the opportunity for you?

Join the Fire and Rescue Service

This article is about joining the fire service and has tips on how to submit a strong application form to increase your chances of success. The job of a fireman, like that of a police officer, is one of the most respect jobs you can undertake. It is also regarded as one of those few jobs that are safe and secure even in a time of financial crisis.

How to Become a Personal Trainer – 3 Secrets You MUST Know on How to Become a Personal Trainer

There has never been a better time to become a personal trainer. Learn 3 secrets that will get you on the path to becoming a trainer with the best skills, the best vision, and the best career potential.

How to Keep Your Job

With jobs disappearing at a very rapid pace, many employees are wondering, How do I keep my job? Here are some tips for holding on to the job that you have.

Is Veterinary Medicine the Right Career Choice For You?

Veterinarians – or vets for short – are physicians specializing in animals. The word is derived from Latin “veterinae” which means “draft animal”. The term veterinarian was used for the first time in the year 1646 by Thomas Browne. Today veterinary medicine embraces many different careers.

Business Goal Setting For New Financial Advisers

While it would be unrealistic for brand new financial advisers to have any sort of grand dreams and vision for their business until they have spent some time in the business, it’s still important to set business goals and achieve them, because good results drives the passion in the beginning. This article talks about how a new financial adviser can go about their Goals Setting.

Overcoming Potential Obstacles in the Interview

Do you think there are any potential obstacles that could stand between you and your next position? Here are some suggestions for handling some common obstacles.

Advance Your Career 101

Are you feeling stuck, sidetracked, or unfocused? Try the following career tips to get you back on the right track.

Adding Value to Your Skills to Get the Right Job

During a period of an economic boom, employers often have to offer “incentives” to find the right employees. Depending on the job, this could mean employees can in some cases negotiate a position, in a position of strength. Now, that we face a prolonged economic recession, where the majority of employers are shedding jobs, the emphasis has changed to what you can offer an employer, rather than what employers can offer you.

Fight the Recession! Why You Should Consider a Career in Sales

Are you concerned about the outlook for your job? Are the prospects for the next 6 months to 1 year looking bright or are you in a sector that is been hit hard by the economic down-turn? Are you about to graduate and not sure where you should focus your job search? Now is the time to seriously look at your career path. Jobfox identified “Sales Representative/Business Development as the most recession proof profession career”. This article discusses how to determine if a sales career is right for you.

Make the Boss Aware of Your Value When Seeking a Promotion

Going to work every day doing the same old thing gets boring for most of us. We all need to be appreciated and we need to feel like we are advancing in our careers. In order to get the promotion you want, you must work for it and make yourself stand out above the rest.

Surviving Job Loss – 5 Simple Ways to Deal With Job Loss

It’s hard enough to land yourself a decent job these days, and losing it might seem like the worst thing in the world. When surviving job loss, you must see the situation as a challenge rather than as a problem.

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