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Ways to Help You Acquire Excellent Transcription Skills

Medical transcription is a field in the health care industry considered to be growing. The growth rate of this profession is higher than other professions. For that reason, the job opportunities in this field are good, especially for individuals who are certified.

Is Medical Transcription The Right Career for You?

The job of a medical transcriptionist is not that easy. It is not a rocket science. Although it does not need the rigorous training of a brain surgeon, the work in this field is still complicated and difficult to perform if you do not have proper training.

2 Essential Skills You Need To Hone to Become a Proficient Medical Transcriptionist

There is no formal education required to become a medical transcriptionist. An individual can learn medical transcription through traditional schooling, diploma programs, or on-the-job training. Some companies that offer job opportunities for this occupation require their staff to have at least 18 months of training in this field before considering hiring them.

Ways to Become a Highly Qualified Transcriptionist

The salary rate for medical transcription will depend on several factors. For beginners, their salaries are definitely lower than those who have been in the field for many years. But, unlike any other jobs, they are paid based on the output, rather than on an hourly basis.

What to Look for When Hiring Administrative Professionals

If you’re looking to hire a new administrative assistant, executive assistant, or any other office support professional, there are 9 core competencies you’ll want to look for. Below, you’ll find an outline of each. Remember, when making your hiring decision, look for demonstrated capability.

Low Cost Business Ideas That You Might Want to Consider

For those who wanted to own a business, but do not have the right amount of money to start, you don’t have to worry that much. There is now a lot of businesses that do not require that big amount of cash. This article will discuss some of these ideas.

Branding Yourself for Success

The image you portray to the world is powerful. Your personal or professional brand can be a major contributor to that image, and it can be managed proactively. Don’t leave others’ perceptions of you to chance.

What Occupations Add the Most Workers to 2020? How to Increase Your Odds for Continuous Employment

A radical shift is taking place in the U.S. and Europe. More and more jobs are changing from full-time employee to contingent positions. A recent survey by Kelly Services reveals 44 percent of workers indicate they are now freelancers and most without benefits. So it will be important going forward to choose a high-growth field with plenty of new opportunities.

Looking for Work? Discover What Makes You Come Alive and Go Do It!

This economy can sometimes make you feel like a quivering bowl of Jell-O–stuck in indecisiveness and failing to act because you don’t know what the right step is that will work out for you. But here’s the thing–within you is a desire to serve the world using your unique skills and talents. But what are they and how do you access them when you feel deadened by your current circumstances?

5 Tips To Help You Decide On A Back-Up Career, Part Time or Secondary Job

There are so many careers or jobs that can be done as back-up, secondary or part time. Depending on your needs and your abilities it helps to have a back up in case of an emergency or in case you become burned out with your primary endeavor. Often people don’t think about this because they are so involved in trying to pursue one thing.

3 Crucial Management Tips for All Managers

This article discusses 3 important management tips that every manager should know. The article talks about the crucial areas which every manager, seasoned or amateur, should be aware of and should always keep in mind if he/she wishes to make a promising career.

2 Important Skills You Need Develop As a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician’s role in the health care industry is increasing throughout the coming years. In fact, this profession is expected to grow even more over the decade. One of the roles of this profession is to prepare medications.

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