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Change Jobs Frequently To Advance Your Career

Years ago we heard stories from people who would work for a company for 30 to 40 years, and then retire with full benefits and lived happily ever after. This is not the case now. In today’s work environment, you work with the constant uneasiness of hoping that you survive the next round of lay-offs, and that the company brings in enough money to at least keep going for another year. This is the norm for many business out there. Loyalty between boss and employee no longer exists because it can’t. Survival for these companies means that at times of financial hardship, when they need to cut costs, it’s just business, nothing personal. So why, then, should we feel compelled to stay with companies for a long period of time, when we know that as soon as things get tough, we could and will be let go?

Sunday Night Blues – Do You Want to Do Away With Them?

Do you get the Sunday Night Blues? If so, you are not alone. Statistics show that there is an increase in blood pressure for many returning to work Monday morning. Reasons for this vary: break from leisure activities to back to work events, stressful commute to work, and returning to a job that one does not like. I fell into the latter category. Although it was six years ago this month when I made the biggest change to my career by leaving corporate America and starting my own business (read Amy’s story), I can still remember the symptoms of the Sunday Night Blues all too well.

Interesting Information About Working Moms

There are plenty of ideals in this world. The amazing thing about having such a large population of people is there are many many ideals. Some people follow century old ideals, and some people follow day old ideals. One argument that might create an ideal in a person is this: should a child be raised partially by strangers (daycare, babysitter, etc) or completely by their mother?

3 Myths About Employees Over 50 and How to Overcome Them

For older workers, one goal of an interview is to challenge any stereotypes about your age. Many employers think that older workers are resistant to change, unable to grasp new technology, or unwilling to work for someone younger than them. Here are a few ways to combat these outdated stereotypes.

Management Consulting Case Interview Top 10 Tips

Case interview is a type of interview question used by management consulting firms when recruiting new employees. The case question is generally a business problem or estimating exercise designed to make you think on your toes, use logic and common sense. Consulting organisations want to see that you can structure an answer and perform basic calculations with large numbers. The objective of case interview is not to get it right, but more to demonstrate your ability to solve complex problems.

You Are Always Center Stage

Each strives to be his/her best. Why? Because they do not know who is in the audience. They do not know who is watching. They never know where this part they play will lead. Someone in the audience may just think of them for something they are working on today or five years from now.

History of Hedge Fund Designations

This article is about the history of hedge fund designations and how they have been developed. It provides insights on this type of training and tips for selecting a program for yourself.

Recruiters – What Are They Good For Anyway?

A qualified recruiter can help you target your job search. Opinions on recruiters vary widely. It’s no wonder – the quality of recruiters also varies widely. If you have been in the job market for any length of time, you probably have discovered that not everyone calling his or herself a recruiter is qualified and/or ethical.

Communicate With Your Clients for Enhanced Productivity

Marketing strategies are very important for each company and this is why most of them look for the best advertising and marketing services which can help them improve their image and their products. Nowadays, developing good products is not enough to gain and keep customers. Clients are increasingly attracted by the product’s image, by its label and by its message.

Practical Lessons on How to Excel in the Marketplace

Life is all about relationships. I have discovered that our interactions in life have a way of ultimately shaping and affecting our lives. Just like any other person, I have had my fair share of interactions with people. One of such is my interaction with my bosses. Good or bad we have these experiences to share. In this paper, I have briefly articulates some of the concepts my boss taught me.

Hedge Fund Training – Top 5 Most Common Questions

Within this article we cover the top five most common hedge fund training questions that we see being asked within the industry. If you are just now researching different educational and certification options within this industry this piece will help.

Entry Level Hedge Fund Jobs

This article is about how to find and secure entry level hedge fund jobs regardless of where you are based. Within this piece we will provide advice, insights and tips for those wanting to get into the industry.

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