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Dealing With Fear – Three Steps to Being Courageous In Your Business

Many of my students are leaping beyond their comfort zones when it comes to marketing. They are meeting with large companies, speaking in front of new groups and working with higher-level clients.

Hate Your Job? How to Cope With Bad Bosses Long Enough to Get Out

In my private practice in psychotherapy, I often work with clients who, sadly, really can’t stand their jobs. Often, it’s because they have a bad boss – someone who is unreasonable, overly demanding, illogical, absent, intrusive, or “behaviorally challenged” – manipulative, sexually harassing, or even verbally abusive. This situation makes me feel deeply for my clients, for it’s a particular kind of misery.

Personal Growth Coaching Tips to Help You Succeed in Your Life Coaching Business

Has your life coaching business been going the way you have planned? Has the past year been good for you and your business? If it has, but you still see the need for improvement then why not take some personal growth coaching lessons to help you and your business do great?

A Career As a Patisserier

Do you love pastries, especially making them? Do you have a creative streak and a strong work ethic? Then perhaps a career as a patisserie, or pastry, chef could be the ideal path for you. This is an exciting, challenging and rewarding career that becomes much more than a job for those lucky enough to succeed in this field.

A Career As a Line Cook

If you want a career in the culinary industry that doesn’t necessarily require formal training, you should consider working as a line cook. Professional kitchens are always in need of line cooks who can do everything from chopping and dicing to sauteing and broiling, so you will likely have many job prospects in this field if you’re good at what you do.

A Career As A Medical Radiation Physicist

Medical radiation physicists are highly specialized medical professionals who work alongside doctors in the planning and delivery of various radiation treatments. They have dosimetrists working below them who help to customize each treatment plan to ensure the most effective results for patients.

A Career As A Park Ranger

If you are passionate about culture, history and nature, and dedicated to protecting the natural resources we have in this country, then a career as a park ranger might just be perfect for you. There are park rangers working in all sorts of places, from monuments such as Alcatraz and the Statue of Liberty to massive parks such as the Everglades, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

How To Excel At Communication In A Workplace

Communication in a workplace is an important, but often underestimated skill to have. As an IT professional, being able to communicate well is a great way to set you apart from other employees and improve your career. I’ve listed a few tips below that outline some ways you can improve your communication in a workplace.

Six Tips For A Young IT Professional

Are you a young IT professional? Would you like to get a head start on your IT career? Have a read of this article – I’ve put together some tips that should help young IT professionals get ahead in the information technology industry.

Personal Development for Job Hunting

Looking for a dream job requires a lot of preparation and improving your personal development skills. Follow these self improvement tips to improve your chances of finding employment while you are job hunting.

How To Become An Industry Expert

In the cutthroat and competitive world of business, it’s never been more important to be an expert in your field. So how can one become an expert?

Who Is Extraordinary

Who is incredible at performing their job? Who do you respect and admire? How can they help you excel professionally?

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