How Much Does Linda G the Comanche Psychic Make on YouTube

Working in the City of London

As one of the most integral financial sectors of the world, the City of London houses several international banks and financial service companies. This means that there is more potential for international business connections and opportunities for people who can speak more than one language to work for a translation agency in London and assist communications.

Six Sigma Best Practices for Healthcare

Six Sigma best practices are becoming increasingly more important as companies prove its efficacy by improving profitability and efficiency. This process was developed when Bob Galvin was the CEO of Motorola in 1986. After Motorola shared its methodology, companies such as General Electric, Ford and Microsoft also adopted the best practices and improved business processes.

Terrible CV Tips – Never Use These CV Tips

There is so much advice around CV and Resume writing, you have to be careful to not take the wrong advice. These hints and tips may be given with good intentions, but only CV tips that secure you a job interview are good CV tips. These are 5 of the worst CV tips and advice that I have found on the web.

Ready for Career Change? 5 Ways MOOCs Can Help

Mid-life career change often calls for developing new skills, discovering career fields that resonate with you, and sharpening your learning curve. One opportunity that is easy to overlook: Take a free MOOC course.

Life After Business School

Many students that are currently in business school may be wondering where they are headed after they graduate. Business degrees are extremely versatile and qualify degree holders for many positions within the job market, but these positions are not always guaranteed.

What Is The “Certified Associate In Project Management” and Why Should I Get It?

The Certified Associate in Project Management, otherwise known as the CAPM, is a certification in the project management field. It’s not as popular as some of the other certifications in the field, but it can be valuable anyway. Who is it for? How will it help you? Read on to find out more.

Why Aren’t People Showing Up?

Do you feel challenged with getting people into your workshops or classes? Do you want to know why they aren’t showing up? It may be that you are trying to do something before it’s time. Going back to basics and building a business from a solid understanding of the transformation you offer your clients will completely change things, and your client list will grow rapidly.

Become An Event Planner Now

Many people think that event planning is throwing parties, and actually very few event planners throw parties, but in fact work in other types of events. Event planning or what I call Event Marketing is a simple concept: It is an event that one produces in order to generate awareness, launch a product, generate PR, provide an experience, or simply create a platform in which others can enjoy-perhaps a celebration of some kind. There are millions of different kinds of events, and with them millions of challenges, and as an event planner, it will be your task to blaze…

Software Sales Recruitment: Why A Counter Offer Can Be Counter Productive

Using the services of a specialist software sales recruitment company to help you find IT software sales jobs and grow your career is a good idea. However, there is one thing that can get in the way of the move even after you have been offered the job: a counter offer from your current employer.

How Business Units Hire The Wrong People

Business Unit Managers need to describe jobs clearly so they hire the right people. They need to spend enough time selecting and developing people in the company.

3 Practical Tips To Improve Your Career

Whether your career is going swimmingly or you are struggling with it, there are always ways to improve your career. However, I would say that for those of you who feel de-motivated at the moment the following tips might be more relevant. My recommendation to clients who want to seek a different career or job would always be to try your very best first; if that does not do the trick, take the next step and consider a career change.

Do You Know How to Build Your Personal Brand?

We are all used to the fact that products have their own brands, as do companies. The question is, are you aware of the importance of building your own personal brand? This means: what you stand for, what you represent and what you bring to the table. Being clear about your branding can help you in many situations, be it a career change, building your own business or developing your reputation as an employee.

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