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5 Steps to Write a Letter of Resignation Without Burning Bridges

Leaving a job is hard sometimes. But I have found that writing your resignation letter is something that you want to put some thought and time into. It is a reflection of your professionalism and can help you down the road. And besides, it is the right thing to do. If possible, you do not want to leave a job on a bad note when you don’t have to.

6 Steps to Get Off on the Right Foot in a New Job

With the economy being what it is – getting a new job is a BIG deal. Here are some steps that you can take to start it right and hopefully lay the ground work for a successful stay at your new job.

Exercise Yourself to a Better 6 Figure Job

There are numerous ways that exercising can help you land your next 6 figure job. Things are definitely tougher when looking for any new job these days so any extra leverage or advantages you can add to your arsenal will definitely help.

How to Be in Control of Your Career Goals

Many people spend their entire lives learning that it’s okay to not have control over everything. However, when it comes to finding that perfect job and making the most of your career, you SHOULD be in control. Here are tips on how to control your career destiny from the start.

Climb the Management Ladder Now

How to get onto the management ladder and to climb it to the top. It highlights the qualities needed such as believing in oneself, being committed, developing leadership qualities and understanding interpersonal relationships.

Hiring Right

Have you ever hired someone and found out the person you hired is the evil twin of the person you interviewed? Have you ever hired someone and subsequently had to fire that same person? If you have answered yes to either of these you read on.

Finding Cheap Resume Writing

Finding cheap resume writing is what we are all looking for. A resume is probably the most important part of a job search. Networking is vital and important, but your resume provides a first impression.

Earning PDU Credits – Information For Independent Contractor PMP

Many project managers earn the 60 renewal credits in each 3 year cycle by attending courses. These tend to be relatively expensive.

OT Travel Jobs – How to Choose the Right Staffing Company

There are a number of things you’ll want to look for when you choose a company to help you find the best travel OT jobs. First, you want to choose a staffing company that truly puts you first. A good company should realize that they are only as good as their therapists and should treat you accordingly.

Why Being Interviewed First Can Mean “Last” in a Job Interview

One of the often overlooked elements of successful interviewing is timing. Bad timing can occur when your interview is scheduled too early in the interview process of the company. Many candidates want to rush in and interview as soon as possible, and this can be a big mistake.

The Sign Said Think

How much time do you spend thinking beyond your daily, repetitive activities? Do you take the time to figure out what you want to achieve throughout the year as opposed to the day or week? When was the last time you really wrote down a personal and/or professional growth goal?

Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs – Utilizing a Placement Agency

The first thing to keep in mind is that finding a travel occupational therapy position is easiest when you find a professional placement agency who specializes in these types of jobs. There are many reasons that using these placement agencies makes sense. First of all, they know exactly what to expect from travel jobs and can help their clients understand what to expect when they accept occupational therapist travel jobs.

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