How Much Does Lisa Haven Make on YouTube

3 Reasons To Start Working In The Medical Field

With work as tight as ever, finding a career that is fun, that has longevity and that pays well is a real challenge. Its hard to look at current forecasts and still pursue a career that might not realize because of the job market. The medical industry is most definitely one sector that you might want to take another look at.

Energy Efficient Technology That Electricians, Utilities and Consumers Use

The latest technology available to an electrician in Sparks has made the job safer. It has also helped consumers and utilities save time and money.

Career In Cosmetology – 3 Reasons Why The Over 50s Should Consider This New Career

Beauty and health are in the forefront of a woman’s thoughts no matter where she lives in the world. Billions are spent in the cosmetics industry annually, and she will take advice and spend money to look beautiful and keep herself healthy until she dies. The reason for this is simple – a woman’s well being is tied up in her own self-esteem. If you are over 50, find out 3 reasons why you should consider a new career in cosmetology.

Working Remotely From Home Takes Discipline and Organization

Working remotely from home takes discipline and organization, so one is not distracted from the work by household tasks or personal requests. Communication, diligence, and flexibility are also key attributes an individual should bring to the remote workplace just as you would treat any in-house position.

Do You Suffer From Start-Up Stockholm Syndrome?

Are you a captive at your job? If you work in a hectic, stress filled start-up company you might be suffering from Start-Up Stockholm Sydrome and not even know it! Find out what it is, and if you need to break free.

Launching A Career In The Health Care Industry

Working in the health care industry can be a very rewarding career but you really do have to be of a certain nature in order to really push on in it and you also need to spend time really considering which sector of it you would like to work in. There are so many to choose from and you do not always have to be young and go to medical school in order to get involved.

Make a Career Change

There could be are many reasons you want to make a career change. It may be because (1) you are finding your present job too stressful, (2) the company you’re working for is failing, or (3) maybe you have a lot more to offer and feel you’re wasting your talent in your present position. Whatever the reason, it’s important to spend time researching your options and deciding the best route for you.

Want To Master a Job Application Form? Here Are 5 Secrets You Need To Know

The only reason to fill out a job application form is to get noticed so you will be selected for an interview. Filling out a job form is the first step in getting a job with a company. Just like anything in life, first impressions can make or break your chances of getting the job. There is a right way and a wrong way in filling out a job form. Here are 5 secrets to master an application form which will put you one step closer to getting your dream job.

The Ultimate Quick Read Guide On Career Change

We select a major at University when we are 18 years old without really knowing if it will be the best fit for us over the next 50 years. You might pick a career because it was in demand or had good pay but, after working in that career for several years, you might realize that it is not a good fit for you and you want to make a career change. If circumstances dictate you may need to make a career change. Here is the ultimate guide on how to change your career.

Getting A Job As Soon As You Can

This article discusses the importance of money and how children need to get jobs when they are old enough. Care giving jobs are great when you are just starting out.

How To Get Your Dream Job

Your dream job does not have to be just a dream. You can get the job you have wanted since you were little. Here is some advice to help get you there.

Real Estate Professionals Out of Work Might Consider a Job in Franchise Location Site Selection

A few weeks ago at Starbucks I was talking to someone who was in the real estate profession, and they had taken a job at Home Depot in the decorating department. This gal I talked to was one of the number one sales people in our area for real estate during 2006 and 2007. Well, we all know what happened after those years, and this is why she has become underemployed at the local do-it-yourself center.

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