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Profitable Recruiting – 5 Strategies to Use in a Challenging Economy

Tougher times require different strategies. Learn to handle the most frequently heard objection. A believable marketing presentation. Gain valuable information from your candidates.

Top 5 Mistakes Job Seekers Make When Selling Themselves

Selling…there it is, that word everyone loves to hate. I’ve taught selling for a number of years in different industries, and am always amused at how many people think ‘selling’ is a four-letter word.

Interview Questions For Managing Consultants

To help you prepare for your Management Consultant Interview, here are some typical questions you can expect to hear… Behaviour/Skill: Decisiveness. Definition: Takes personal responsibility for decisions having considered both the short and long term implications.

Do You Keep Getting Rejected For the Job?

How many interviews have you had now? 2, 5, 15? And still no job offer? Is there a common reason?

Odd Majors & Unusual Concentrations Emerge – Career Advice For the Undecided and Under-Trained

As colleges and universities are overwhelmed with enrollment and prospective students, many colleges and universities are feeding the career-hungry with new programs. People are looking for fulfilling, exciting, and new careers. Unusual majors, odd majors, different types of certificates are making eyebrows raise and curiosities increase.

How to Deal With a Workplace Bully

If you or your co-workers are constantly dealing with a workplace bully, do something about it! You are at your job to do the best you can, make a living and hopefully enjoy the work that you do. Unfortunately, there often comes the occasion where an individual or a group must deal with a nasty employee. Just one bad employee who has a tendency to bully his/her co-workers is enough to cause complete mayhem in a work environment.

Energy – How Big of a Role Can it Play in Your Life?

Energy is a big part of our lives, playing a role in so much of what we do and how we live. From running your home and driving to work, to operating a computer as part of your profession, energy is vital for day-to-day living. Yet for many people, energy plays an even bigger role – that of a career.

Are You a Victim of a Hostile Workplace?

If you find it increasingly difficult to be a top performer in your job due to a constant abusive co-worker, you may be dealing with a hostile workplace. A hostile work environment can directly involve you or a group of your co-workers and can be from another co-worker or from a person in a managerial or higher level position. A workplace that is hostile consists of a fellow employee making derogatory or rude statements at or about you to other co-workers. It can also be in the form of intimidation, rumors or in a sexually explicit way.

Protecting Yourself in a Hostile Work Environment

Many people start their dream job thinking that it is going to be a wonderful experience, and many times, luckily, it is. However, there are many reported instances where you dream job can turn into a nightmare through bullying and threats from your co-workers creating a hostile work environment for you and ruining your vision of the ideal dream job.

Need Help Finding Jobs Online?

As you can imagine many people are turning to the Internet looking for new ways of creating income to help pay their bills. Some have lost their jobs, others are in fear that they may be next and a huge number simply are seeking some additional income just to be safe. They see it as an insurance policy of sorts.

Surviving the Busy Restaurant Shifts

As a manager or employee at a restaurant you have no doubt noticed just how hectic and busy the rush shifts can be. Often surviving them is extremely complicated unless you know exactly what you are doing. However, even for the most experienced restaurant worker a busy shift can seem like a nightmare.

Selecting the Best Medical Career Path For You

With so many different career options available to choose from, many people find that it is quite complicated picking out the right career path for themselves. In order to ensure that you are truly happy you need to consider carefully what your ultimate career goals are before you make a final determination. For example, in order to get the very best career for your personality possible you need to really study your exact ideas about jobs.

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