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Amazing Tip – What Not to Do When Starting a Business: Learn How to Succeed

Starting a business is hard work; learn how to become a success in your new business. If you think you it will be easy or you are going to make quick money in a short period time. Think again!

For A Little Lift, Find Your Gift

How do you engage your clients and create champions for your business? This article discusses the secret recipe to discovering our gifts, why so many people have trouble tapping into them, and a simple exercise to identify your talents.

Career Downtime: Tomorrow Will Be Better!

Every career has its ups and downs. It’s not always that people get compensated and recognised for a job well done. There will be times when our careers are stagnant and boring.

How to Handle Criticism at Work

Some people find it discouraging to receive negative feedback at work. The truth is every worker has to deal with negative feedback at some point in his or her career. Even the most efficient worker can receive disappointing feedback from time to time.

Choose a Great Career Coach For Your Successful Career Change

Have you reached a point in your career life where everything seems to go wrong? Do you struggle to find a purpose in your work? Are you hoping for a career boost?

Holding On and Letting Go

My thoughts are with the long-term unemployed. Those who for a year or more have desperately been trying to find work, but remain unsuccessful. For those of you who truly want work, but are continually not being recognized for your potential the burden is heavy.

Common Interview Questions for Lawyers

Here are some common job interview questions (areas of inquiry) and suggested answers (or at least talking points). Remember, honesty is the best policy but don’t be afraid to put your best answers forward!

Bartending Salaries And Bartender Wages From Around The World

Bartending salaries differ around the globe. Depending on where you’re bartending, there can be a pretty big difference in the amount of money you’ll be taking home at the end of the night.

Forget About Making A Product To Sell – Spend Your Time Here

Have you ever become obsessed with creating a product of your own to sell? Maybe you finally did it and felt very proud of yourself. Maybe you got stuck and feel you wasted hours if not days. I am here to tell you that creating a product is not the best use of your time and energy if you are trying to make a business profitable.

Overcoming the Turnover Time Bomb With Career Coaching

If you have ever heard of the “turnover time bomb”, career coaching can help to defuse it! As the economy improves, the Harvard Business Review suggests that twenty-five percent of high-end employees want to change companies. In turn, this will cost the companies millions of dollars in turnover costs. Luckily, effective coaching can help to reduce this turnover – offering many great advancement opportunities for coaches with expertise in this area.

Top 10 Winter Jobs For College Students

With winter slowly drawing upon us and the weather starting to get colder, it is now the perfect time for students to begin applying for winter jobs. Not only is it a good way to make extra money but it can also be an opportunity to network and build valuable contacts. Each new season brings about different seasonal jobs and although you may only be looking for a part-time role to get through the winter, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities to utilize this time to further your career.

Want a New Job? Start Where You Are

Ready for a career change? Learn why understanding where you are right now is vital and find out out to apply this idea with 2 practical exercises.

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