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Patent Agent Job Search

Are you on a patent agent job search? Are you a law graduate and want to approach this alternate career in law? This is the right place to look into. Read below to get a clear idea of the job profile and make your patent agent job search successful.

During the Interview Session – Some Do’s and Dont’s

Do not be late. If possible, arrive 15-20 minutes early for the interview. Find a place to gather yourself and check your appearance, make sure your tie/clothes are straight and not wrinkled; your paperwork is in order and get your thoughts together. Turn off cell phones and other electronic devices before the interview.

Performing Career Change Research and Investigation

There are many times when people are not happy with what they are doing. Often people feel that they may be better off with an alternative career or they may want to take time off and investigate their career opportunities.

Free Product Sample Strategy

Free product samples are a major way that manufacturers effectively promote products and encourage sales. By giving consumers an actual- or trial-sized product, the consumer has the chance to actually try out the product.

Getting a Job As an Attorney

Are you a law graduate looking for job attorney? Not sure of the possibilities and potentialities of the job as an attorney?

Attorney Jobs in Chicago

Are you looking for attorney jobs in Chicago? Chicago is the right place for attorneys as it has a blooming industry. All offices and institutions require legal advisors and attorneys.

How to Become an Industry Expert & Highly Desired Candidate in Your Sleep

Employers in the current market are now able to be extremely choosy about who they hire for six figure jobs. This means that only those who are at the top of their field will be considered highly desired candidates for available six figure jobs. You may or may not be a total expert in your field, but it is all about perception and how you market yourself.

General Counsel Employment

Getting employed as a general counsel can be an elongated process taking a lot of hard work and pain. It can also be easy if you are ready. If you are not, prepare yourself.

Successful Life and Career Planning

Each one of us indulge in some or the other activity that helps us to live and grow. We all do something regularly and name it as our ‘job’ or ‘work’. For life cannot continue without work.

Five Obstacles to Healthy Careers

Long gone are the days when organizations took care of our careers for us. Here are five obstacles that can get in the way of good career management.

Freelance on vWorker

Isn’t it lovely to know that you can be a freelancer and work from home? You will be amazed at the amount of jobs available on vWorker. Here you can meet up with buyers and pitch yourself to find a job within a few days. At vWorker buyers and providers are brought together in a safe environment offering a myriad of tools to assist both parties in the outsourcing process.

What Hollywood Can Teach You About Business Success (And Keeping Your Clients Happy)

Want to know the secret of keeping your clients and customers happy and buzzing about you? Look to Hollywood for inspiration.

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