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Telecommuting to Avoid Swine Flu!

Telecommuting provides many conveniences for people to gain back wasted commute time, save money in gas, etc. But when pandemics like swine flu are plastered all over the news, telecommuting can help keep you safe!

Do Not Get a Job – Take Advantage of This Economic Climate and Build Wealth Now

Getting a job is a bad financial decision. Find out what it takes to build wealth in this current economic climate without going to work. Discover how being unemployed can be a good thing.

Go to Bartenders School – Become Everyone’s Best Friend

Like the nightlife, want a job where almost everyone will become your friend? Become a bartender! Bartender training can cost about $250 – $500 and last a week or two. Courses cover setup/closing, mixology, money handling, inventory control, speed techniques, garnish cutting, wines, liquors and beers, profit pouring/upselling, customer service, cutting off customers and alcohol awareness.

Travel Nursing – An Exciting Alternative Career Path

The past few decades have seen a vast increase in the flexibility and opportunity for nurses. One possible option for nurses to consider is travel nursing jobs. These jobs are often highly compensated and offer a number of unique life experiences as well.

Career Change Means Planning For Serendipity

Career change rarely proceeds at an orderly and very linear pace. Career consultants recognize that serendipity is the foundation for career change. Read on to learn how career change really happens and what you can do to accelerate the process.

Become a Media Production Intern

If you can secure a position as a production intern, you will gain valuable experience that will be of great value when you seek a position at a production company or media corporation. Taking an unpaid (or little pay) production internship position will help you get great experience in addition to helping you make the right connections to eventually get a job at a production or media company. This advice will assist you in getting a production internship.

Career Coaching Vs Career Counseling – What’s the Difference?

So what’s the difference between career counseling and career coaching? If you are like many people these days who are in career transition and up against big career choices, this distinction may come in handy.

IT Skills – Retraining As a Website Design Professional

As most business people are busy running their companies, time spent creating and designing an effective website that gets noticed by both human visitors and search engine ‘bots’ falls to the web designer. The Professional Web Designer in the last few years has become a significant part of any business operation.  As such, many people are now retraining for a career in website design.

Getting Hired – Do You Have the Right Stuff?

These days, it is very tough to beat out the competition for the best jobs. We may be competing for jobs where we don’t have the right stuff to win. What is the “right stuff”? This article gives you the key to understanding how to draw on the right stuff to get what you really want.

Sure Fire Tips For Planning Your Career

Not all individuals are career oriented, that is why there are many who just stick on what they can do and live with it. In planning a career path, you don’t only improve yourself but develop relationships with the people around you. It is not really that hard to plan your own career, it is just a matter of understanding where you are good at, and what are your expertise, and then match it with your career opportunities.

A Guide For Your Profession and Career Path Finding

It’s not easy to land through a very good job nowadays. Economic problems are not only experienced country-wide, but is now a world wide issue. So before going out there in the real world, you will need a guide to assist you on the things that you should do so you’ll be able to find the right career path for you.

How to Hold Onto Your Job in a Sinking Economy

Millions of people lost their jobs in 2008 and many were the victims of a bad economy. Employees with excellent work records who had been with their company for years found themselves in the unemployment line.

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