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Your First 90 Days: Do You Have a Plan?

When you first start a new job, it’s very beneficial to have a “first 90-days plan.” Why? First, because it gives you some direction about where you want to focus your time and attention in your first three months and second, because many companies will give you a “90-day review” after your first three months on the job or even your first three months in a new role.

Recommended Considerations Prior to Accepting a Job

Some job seekers fail to take in important factors that should determine whether or not they accept a job prior to signing or rejecting the offer letter. Here are just a few:

3 Deadly Mistakes Women Make In Business

As a female entrepreneur, you face a lot of challenges at work. Make your life easier by avoiding these 3 mistakes women make in business.

How to Deal With Disappointment When Changing Your Career

Changing your career needs to be treated as any other big change that you undergo in your life. You will most probably go through the following motions: questioning the decisions you make along the way, feeling the loss of leaving something familiar behind you, facing the uncertainties of embarking on the unknown. There will be fear and there will be excitement. There will be expectations and there will be disappointments. Most probably, the whole process will be a bit bumpy and might leave you exhausted. However, it doesn’t have to be this way; what you need to understand is that sometimes we can´t change the process but we can certainly change our reaction to it!

Career Planning and Development Strategy

Career planning and development is a process that can be intimidating. Whether you want to do something different or you need to make a change because of changing technology and job opportunities, there are a few things you should do right now to improve your chances of success.

One Secret of Success

What is the glass ceiling? If you look it up online, the generic description will be that it is a metaphor used to describe invisible barriers that prevent women and minorities from advancing to the upper level of management.

Back to Basics: A Reflection on Your Business

Do you remember your excitement when you made the decision and placed your first order? How about when the box finally arrived? Wow! You were in business and it was all in this box! (Or was it?) Think back; what was going through your mind; what feelings were you having? Were you thrilled, or just a little bit afraid, or scared to death on the inside?

Guide To Become A Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a nurse who is more advanced than a registered nurse (RN). Thus someone who plans to become a nurse practitioner must earn his or her registered nurse credentials first. NPs are expected to provide better health care and they usually specialize in certain areas like gerontology or family practice.

Acquired Traits and Abilities of Those Who Advance In Their Career

We all want to get ahead in our career. Money, success and the feeling of importance are desires we are born with as human beings. Though, not everyone knows and understands as to how to achieve these goals nor has the ability or the self-discipline to execute.

Academic Research: A Portal With Academic Drivers

In this fast-pace life, one cannot afford to waste his/her time to sort out numerous links and sites on the internet to find useful information. There is a need to develop a search portal which offers the students open and free links from where they can download material for their studies…

What Can We Learn From Steve Jobs and His Career?

There’s much to be learned from this great man. You may have your biases for or against Apple products but Steve Jobs was a true inspiration in the example he set for loving what he did and following his heart. This article takes some of his principles and allows you to ask the questions that will lead you closer to achieving your own ‘great work’.

An Effective Patient “Close”

Right behind the question, “How do I get more new patients?” ranks the question, “How do I get more patients to say YES?” There are a number of courses and programs revolving around the “close.” It’s an area that many doctors feel like they are failing. You feel like you are doing something wrong. You feel like aren’t giving your patient enough information. You feel like you aren’t being crafty enough.

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