How Much Does Liz Fenwick DIY Make on YouTube

5 Things You Can Do If You Don’t Like Your Current Job

With the rise in the ranks of the unemployed is a major concern to those employed. In our current year, finding a job is a full time job within itself. So, why they would you complain about the job that you have?

5 Office Secrets for College Grads

If you are a recent college graduate, get tips for your first job. Learn tips for work and advice for working in your first office.

How to Ace the Role-Play in the Interview

After working in this industry for nearly twenty years as both a hiring manager and recruiter, I have to say the biggest stumbling block I have seen for candidates of all experience levels is the dreaded Sales Role-play. That’s right – if you have never successfully interviewed for a sales rep position, you probably did not know that most companies require their hiring managers to put all candidates through role-play situation. You will be asked to sell anything from the company’s actual products to a generic item that anyone can relate to.

5 Lessons Learned From a Failed Project

Ever had a project crash and burn? You CAN recover from a failed project. Read on to learn how.

5 Top Job Search Tips

In this article we’ll outline 5 top tips for anyone setting out to search for a new job in today’s tough jobs market. Finding a job isn’t always easy but with some good research and planning you can make the process as simple as possible.

Will the Spending Cuts Affect Your Job?

Up to 500,000 jobs are at risk following the largest spending cuts since World War II. Exactly where the jobs will be cut has not been detailed, and will vary by area, but Chancellor Osborne admitted there would be “unavoidable” redundancies from the public sector when the budget was announced on the 20th of October.

What Can Be Expected On A Construction Worker Job

Construction workers or laborers are the staple employees on any construction project of any size. General laborers are employed on either a permanent or temporary basis in respect to the job, size of the company, and economic conditions in which the project lives.

Your Google Resume – Getting Your Name To The Top Of The Search Engines

It is almost inevitable that a potential employer, prior to even calling an applicant, will Google their name. Thus, everybody should have a “Google Resume.” Here are some tips as to how to do so.

Top Tests to Achieve a Successful Career

There are many ways for you to see at which career fields and orientations you actually belong. You don’t have to hop from one job to another, rather you may take up tests which gauge the different aspects of your well being, and from there you will see at which areas of work you fit. Some of them are even given by employers to applicants to gauge their work capacities, and while you’re still scouting for jobs, it’s best that you take some of these tests now so you know which fields to pursue.

Top Five Tips to Have the Career You Always Wanted

Getting a job is easy. Getting the career you want is not. Well, for most people, this can be difficult to achieve, and only a few make it to the careers they always wanted to be in.

Get Rid of Unwanted Careers With a Career Aptitude Test

When a person tends to hate his job, he either goes hopping from one employment to another, or stays and gets bored with his everyday work until he just flips out and resigns all of a sudden. Either way, going for a job you don’t like can be exasperating, and you may end up unfulfilled, unhappy, and struggling with a heavily damaged career. But you can avoid experiencing a career slump fast and easy, and that’s by taking a career aptitude test.

Secrets of a Successful Personality Test

One of the common means to measure a person’s aptitude for a particular career is a personality test. Personality tests often gauge the applicant’s skills and emotional capacities towards work and its surrounding environment. Through this test employers can see if the applicant is suited for the job, not only in terms of technical knowledge and skills, but in terms of character, behavior and attitude.

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