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Graduate Advice – Moving to the City

So you’ve just graduated. Congratulations! What now?

10 Tips On How To Improve Work Performance

We all want to be great at our jobs. We all want to keep our jobs. We all want to get paid more, and some of us even want to get promoted. To achieve all of this, we have to improve our work performance. I’ve put together a list of ten tips on how to improve work performance, which I believe should help you in reaching any of your work goals you have set!

Journey to The Entrepreneurs Club

1st Nasty Customers – The goal is not to have many “nasty customers” in your business but when you do there a few things you can do that can minimize the effect of turning the situation from a negative into a positive. Listen and agree for as long as you can; many times its just them venting their frustration and this is where patience is required. Saying “I agree” or “I understand” would be appropriate.

4 Tips On How To Increase Your Earning Capacity As Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound technicians are also known as radiology technologists and sonographers, and no matter how they are called, they are considered as one of the highly paid health check practitioners in the medical industry. Making at least $55,000 per year, there are some who earn as much as $75,000-$90,000 per annum. Considering the above figures, how can you increase your earning capacity as an ultrasound technician?

X-Ray Technician Requirements: What Are They?

Becoming an x-ray technician is considered as one of the best career options these days primarily because of the employment opportunities the field presents for practitioners as well as those who intend to join the medical industry. Based on reports fielded by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the next 5-6 years is the time when the demand for x-ray technicians will increase by 17% of its current population of about 215,000 practitioners. Therefore, if you foresee yourself joining the radiology technician industry, as how technicians in this field are also called, then you must prepare…

Establishing What a Surgical Technician Does

In an operating room consisting of doctors, surgeons, and nurses, there is one other person who plays an important role in the success of an operation – the surgical technician. Typically, a technician can be found working in hospitals as well as for physicians or dentists who perform outpatient surgery. Job Responsibilities of a Surgical Technician Although a technician is not directly involved in the actual operation itself, the role he plays is part of what will make the surgery a success.

Is Practical Experience Always Necessary In Order To Learn PAT Testing?

In addition to many electricians wishing to attend the latest PAT courses, a growing number of people are looking at gaining a PAT qualification in order to be able to set up their own PAT testing business, and many businesses and organisations are realising the financial benefits of having one of their own members of staff certified and able to carry out the PAT audits and tests themselves. But one of the problems facing people is knowing whether or not a home study course is applicable or appropriate, and whether practical experience is even necessary, especially if the…

Massage Therapy Modalities

When you consider the career as a massage therapist, you’re probably initially excited. There are many different types of massage therapy (called modalities) that you can specialize in. It’s also a good idea to specialize in more than one, allowing you to offer a wide range of services.

How to Get Started on Your Mobile Massage Business

Putting up a mobile massage business is definitely a great idea on so many different levels. First of all, we all know that the demand for massage service is extremely high everywhere these days so no matter where you go, you are bound to meet some individuals who are sorely in need of your services. Second, being constantly on the road may be tiring at times but it can surely be very exciting at the same time.

Why Traditional Methods Of Checking Candidate References No Longer Work

For any business it is clearly essential to check candidate references thoroughly, but whilst in principle this sounds fine, in practice it can be riddled with difficulties. Checking the reference provided by each candidate being considered for a position can easily become extremely time-consuming, with the result that often businesses tend to take certain shortcuts which could in the long run be disastrous. Clearly it is inappropriate to simply take at face value the details of any candidate references provided, since a recent survey revealed that over 90% of employers have discovered deliberate misinformation included on…

How To Choose Between The Different PAT Courses Available In The UK

Completing a PAT course and gaining a recognised qualification or certification in PAT testing is certainly an advantage, and not just for those people working as an electrician. Whilst electricians will certainly wish to undergo appropriate PAT testing courses, many people undergo PAT training in order simply to set up their own PAT testing business.

Two Problems Facing Businesses Checking A Candidate’s Background

For any business needing to check a candidate’s background there are serious difficulties. Unfortunately the two elements within CV’s which tend, either by design or by accident, to include incorrect information, or omit critical and relevant information, include qualifications and previous employment history.

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