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How to Make a Career Change

Changing your career can be an exciting and self-awakening experience, and can help you finally reach your true potential. Bear in mind though that as changing careers is a major decision, you have to seriously assess and evaluate the possibilities and opportunities prior to making a change.

Paid Photos – Access to a New Business Opportunity

Digital camera could be your powerful tool to earn extra money and your saver for rainy season. Turn your photographs into cash and be rewarded by paid photos online. Creating money by selling and paid photos online is simple once you know how to get started.

Best Job Opportunities in 2010 in India

Jobs, jobs and jobs…this surely is not the scenario in today’s receding market but soon you are gonna see this and then there will be no time to gain expertise and relevant education. You can check the best job opportunities in 2010 and then sharpen up your skills to grab the most rewarding and promising job that you were looking for, for the last so many years. If we see then the emerging sectors in India are most likely to bring out jobs and one must target these sectors.

How Lazy Can You Be and Still Keep Your Job?

There are lots of funny books out there, but not all of them hit the spot closest to home as well as The Chronicles of a Hardworking Slacker. We have all seen The Office and it paints the perfect picture of what it’s like to be around annoying people all day long. Dealing with difficult people is one of those things that can drive even the best of us mad, and it seems as if this is the case in the book.

Take This Job and Shove It – 5 Ways to Discover Work Passion

I am going to work tomorrow and tell them to take their job and shove it. Maybe it is not the job but rather your job passion. Discover the secrets to a more fulfilling work experience.

Learn the Basics of Bartending With 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to earn some extra money part time? Or want to make tons of money in a full time job? Bartending is the right option for you. A bartender can make more money in tips and he can get plenty of opportunities beyond the restaurant work, such as bartending at weddings, private parties and corporate functions. If you are a beginner to bartending, you need to get to know its basics and improve your skills, so that you can gain a better living.

Who Matters Most? Personal Trainer Marketing Strategies to Live By

What could possibly be the most important of the personal trainer marketing strategies employed by personal trainers around the world? It’s got to be this.

Interviewing Your Next Employer – Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Many people focus on the questions that they should be answering in an interview. Usually the focus is on answering those questions well. However, are you asking the right questions in your interview? Read on to find out what you should be asking.

7 Mindset Changes – From Employee to Business Owner

The tough economy and high unemployment may have you thinking about becoming a business owner. As an employee, you work in a box. It can be a very nice box, but it still has its limitations. As a business owner, you have endless possibilities and endless challenges.

Deciding to Start a New Career in Psychology

Today in order to improve the quality of the living with standard thinking, various specialists in psychology like psychologists, counselors, social workers and clinical workers have come into existence. Adding to this, these days many specialists in psychology are also helping and counseling different people in different areas like, entertainment industry, corporate world, education, research establishments and other human services. In this article, know more about the job prospects in the field of psychology and few essential factors that you must be aware of after you have decided to make a career in this field.

Earn Six Figures – The How is Easy – All You Need is the Why

It is fascinating to watch how people react to an opportunity presented to them. They could be handed an amazing lucrative, profitable, legitimate business opportunity on a platter, and 95% of people will be curious, but never act on something that could change their life.

Suddenly Solo – A Physician’s Guide to Surviving & Thriving in Your Own Medical Practice

Imagine being safely ensconced in group practice one day, just going through the motions, but nonetheless enjoying your day-talking with colleagues, consulting with patients, maybe even enjoying lunch, driving home, talking over your day with a friend or your spouse, and then walking into work the next morning, only to find yourself out of a job-fired. Or, if that doesn’t gut you enough, imagine coming to work one day to find that not only do your keys mysteriously no longer work, but a security guard bars you from entering the building, where all your files are locked away.

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