How Much Does Lupita Anaya Make On YouTube

How to Advance Your Career in Healthcare – Get a Master’s Degree

Getting a master’s degree can help fast-track your healthcare career and earn you a managerial or administrative position. There are various master’s degrees to choose from, combining business management and healthcare.

How to Fast-Track Your Nursing Career – Be a Licensed Practical Nurse

If you wish to fast-track your nursing career and find that you have no time to finish a two-year course to become a registered nurse, becoming a licensed practical nurse is the next best thing. Within a year of study and training you can start working and earning money as a practical nurse.

Nursing Careers – How to Become a Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is an exciting option for those who are willing to take on short term assignments and work in different destinations and meet different people and colleagues every time. To start a successful travel nursing career, you should choose your nursing travel agent well and know the requirements for travel nurses.

A New Angle on Unemployment – A Solution-Oriented Focus For Success With Ease

The silver lining to the unemployment epidemic is that people are being forced into a transition at a time in history when it has never been easier to consciously cultivate the wealth consciousness necessary to live in a state of prosperity and abundance. Those who have achieved stellar success knew how to make the most of their inner resources, employing the attributes of both the left and right hemispheres of their brains.

How to Be The Employee They Just Can’t Live Without

In today’s economic climate I am often asked, “What can I do to be sure that I am seen as a valued employee, one the company can not afford to lose?” A lot of people feel that their company has let them down when it comes to career development and are nervous about how they will fare if the company makes cuts. The answer, “It is your responsibility to manage your career”.

Game Art Design and Other Jobs in the Video Game Industry

Making a video game is a sophisticated process. There are varying talent with different responsibilities that are needed to create a finished product. This article reviews some positions needed for video game making, including game art design and video game testing.

Making Comfort Your Top Priority While Working in a Restaurant

Working in a restaurant can be a very uncomfortable place however there are plenty of ways that you can make it much easier to stay comfortable despite the unusual strains that you are likely to experience. Typically speaking one of the biggest hassles in a restaurant is the amount of heat that is floating around. Between the heating system, dishwasher, body heat and even the heat from the cooking surfaces there is an incredible amount of heat floating around.

Picture Perfect

Your professionally taken photograph sends the message that you are a professional. I highly recommend working with a qualified photographer over using the snapshot taken at home and cropped to look like a headshot. People will read your qualifications and look at the quality of details (such as a photo) and begin to piece together an impression of who you are and the work you produce.

Background Check For Job Seekers – Run One on Your Potential Employer Before the Interview

By tapping into popular online services, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and combining them with traditional background checking, candidates gain unprecedented access into the minds of their interviewers. Job Seekers can then use this information to help guide their conversations during an interview, as employers favor candidates who share a similar point of view.

A New World of Career Choices is Right Around the Corner

Changing careers can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Those who are in need of a job due to workforce reduction will be anxious and fearful, but there are still career choices out there. In today’s economy, it won’t be easy to find another job. Some will need to acquire new skills, while others may have to adapt their present skill set to fit into another area of work.

IT Training – The Way to the Future

Due to the rapid advances made in technology, IT training has become crucial if you want to get ahead in life. Whether you use the computer for leisure or work, you need to know about the latest advancements in the technological world. This is where these training courses come in handy.

Bad Bosses That Take Advantage of You

Do you have a bad boss? Tired of waiting for that promotion that will never come? Then be your own boss and promote yourself.

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