How Much Does Marfoogle News Make on YouTube

A Typical Day in the Career of a Flight Attendant

A brief review on the day to day life of a flight attendant. Intended to help you decide if becoming a flight attendant is right for you.

Complete CNA Certification in Nevada for a Prosperous Entry-Level Nursing Career

If you are wishing to build your career in the healthcare field and certify as a certified Nursing assistant (CNA), you can apply to the Nevada State Board of Nursing for CNA Certification in Nevada. The certification process requires completing the Board-approved training program and the competency test.

How to Find the Ideal Job: The Career Success Triangle

Looking for a more rewarding work and a fulfilling life? Find the ideal job with a simple three steps exercise!

How Good Are You At Managing Up?

You may be terrific at inspiring and leading your direct reports but if you are not good at effectively managing your boss or your colleagues you risk derailment. Find out how good you are at managing up.

I Know What You Did Last Summer!

If a Leader is truly passionate about helping people soar and succeed, s/he will have to go beyond Resumes, that can only tell what people did last Summer. To be able to know where the other is coming from, we need to be able to discover contemplations we’ve never imagined, confront emotions we’ve never met and let them introduce themselves to us and lead us.

There Is a Set Amount of Time for Your Unemployment Benefits

In order to continue to receive your unemployment benefits you must be looking for work and file a claim every two weeks. There is a set amount of time for which you may claim your benefits so looking for a job is essential to finding work before your benefits run out.

Trading Overtime Pay For Flexible Hours

Under The Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013 that was passed by the House of Representatives a couple of months ago, employees lose the right to get paid time and a half for working overtime hours. They won’t get extra pay; they’d only be able to take time off, with a maximum of 160 compensatory hours.

Steps on How You Can Set Your Career Goals

Many professionals are likely to have a difficult time figuring out what goals they have for their careers, which is also the main reason why they tend to feel stuck and unable to move up in the corporate ladder. Not having a clear set of career goals can leave you wandering and feeling like you are going nowhere.

Unemployment Benefits to Those Who Recently Lost Their Job

California is a state that provides lots of excellent unemployment benefits to those who recently lost their job in this troublesome economy. Unemployment benefits are a must for those who are unemployed, need to sustain their homes, and are currently looking for work in another field. In order to get any aid from unemployment insurance, you will need to have earned enough money to establish a claim in the first place

Is Something Missing From Your Mission Statement?

There should be an app for mission statements. Just pick from a list of words you want used and the app would spit out word combinations. Tell it, “give me a ‘superior,’ throw in a ‘leading’, and top it off with something about “being committed” and out comes: We are committed to remaining the leading maker of superior blah blah etc. blah.

Italics And Bolding On A Resume, Underline or Bold Name Of Degrees – 3 Finicky Fixes

Italics use in resume? Can you use italics and bolding on a resume? Do you underline or bold name of degrees? Don’t use italics on a resume? Is it okay to use italics in a resume?

Hone Your Messages With the Help of an Executive Speech Coach

Whether you want a feedback on improving your speech for an upcoming event or you give speeches regularly but need to grow and improve, an executive speech coach can help. With their unbiased feedback, you will learn how to persuade more people by your speech. The message you want to convey and the way you convey it is important for making a good impact.

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