How Much Does Mark Dice Make on YouTube

Wrestling Coach Resume

Writing a wrestling coach resume? Confused about what and how to write? Let us go step by step. First let us know a bit about what a wrestling coach does exactly. A wrestling coach places together and gives directions to a team. He/ she are in-charge of the team from the athletes to the junior most level of people in the team.

Should Interns Blog?

This week, we read a New York Times article about an intern whose anonymous blog about his investment banking internship was taken down – presumably, not by his choice. Which raises the question: Should interns blog?

Thank You For The Job Interview – Are You Sending a Follow Up Letter?

You might want to think twice before you decide NOT to send a follow-up, thank you letter. The follow-up, thank you letter can be more than a nice “thank you for the interview.” It could be what makes the difference between you or another candidate being selected.

Would You Like A Slice Of Humble Pie? How To Swallow Your Pride In The Workplace

Have you ever had to deal with a difficult colleague at work? Has some ever asked you a question at work that was embarrassing and was so loud that all of your co-workers could hear it? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you to swallow your pride and still remain humble in the workplace.

Tech or Touch? Technology Or In Person?

Business is a funny thing, without a doubt we each need to maximize the ground we cover each day. Technology is a wonderful tool to assist us in our day to day tasks. However, when is it too much tech and not enough touch? I’m going to use the term touch as meaning anything other than tech. So, touch would be walking into someone’s office and speaking with them rather than sending an email or leaving a voicemail.

Jobs For Felons – Here Is Some Help To Get You Started

It’s extremely difficult to start over when you have made some huge mistakes in your past. Trying to get your feet back on the ground when it comes to your career and a good job future is made all the more difficult if you’re an ex-felon.

Dining Etiquette Matters – Eating Your Way to Success

Let’s take three scenarios. An international client is visiting and you have a lunch meeting. A potential commercial partner suggests you go out for dinner. You are attending your first corporate annual holiday banquet. You are confidant, charming, sharp and dressed for success. But what about your table manners?

Dress for Success or Dress for Less Stress?

I’ll make no secret about it, the number one question I’m asked, from the emails I receive to the meetings I attend, is how to, “Dress for Success.” Sure, some people put a slightly different spin on it – professional clothes, dress for an interview, business formal attire -but fundamentally what they’re asking me is, the how to dress for success question.

Where Does a Medical Assistant Work?

Once you have your certificate or degree in the medical field, you may wonder where a medical assistant can work. A qualified medical assistant can apply for employment at any kind of medical facility from private practice offices to urgent care centers and from hospitals to surgical patient centers. Any place you can think of that employs medical staff is a possible place of employment for you once you have the knowledge necessary to perform the duties required.

What Is A Stock Broker Salary Like?

In order to find yourself a top stock broker salary you will have to jump through a few hoops first. To do this, you first need to be determined, tenacious and completed focused on what you want. There is little room for Mr Nice in this highly competitive career.

Career Advice for the Job Hunter

Have you been considering switching jobs, getting a new career for the first time, or even getting a new job in your current company? If so, chances are you need career advice. The job world is changing, and even seasoned veterans are wondering what their next step should be. Feeling lost is the new normal, and just about everyone knows how difficult it is to advance your career.

Is Your Lone Ranger Act Killing Your Effectiveness?

Many people I talk to struggle with feeling over committed, overwhelmed and overworked. Do you have a faithful companion who supports you in your important quests? Or are you trying to fight for law and order in your ‘town’ on your own?

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