How Much Does Marla Catherine Make On YouTube

Why Are Teachers Dismissed – And How to Cope

In every part of our working life there can come a time that we too can experience teachers dismissed from work. The school and the administration surely have reasons why they do such a thing. Oftentimes, their decisions are fixed and unwavering.

The Problem With Applying For 2 Job Openings at a Pharmacy

The dilemma of your wanting to apply for two job positions is a simple one. While you may have a genuine interest in two positions available within a company, my advice to you is: decide on one job to apply for & put your full effort there.

Four Signs a Career in Beauty and Wellness is Right For You

The American Association of Cosmetology Schools recently commissioned an independent survey to profile the “personality type” of a successful beauty and wellness professional. This article will showcase the qualities that make someone an ideal fit for a career in beauty and wellness, whether working in a salon or day spa; or in a corporate position such as marketing and product development.

The Value of Enthusiasm and How to Remain Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is an attractive and beneficial attitude to nurture in our professional and personal lives. So, how do we retain our enthusiasm for work day after day after day after day? Simple, act as if…

Job Openings in My Area

Because of the Internet, searching for Job Openings in My Area or in any area of the United States has been made easier for so many people. The internet has been God sent to so many people that do not have the time to visit workplaces that are hiring or go “job hunting” offline wasting gas and time.

Considering a Career Change? Check Out the Top Jobs in Healthcare

As the nation’s economy begins to recover from its dramatic tailspin, industry prognosticators are forecasting sustained job growth within several choice sectors. Not surprisingly, the healthcare industry is at the forefront of this windfall.

Lying on Your Resume Or CV is a Ticket to Jail

It starts out with a simple embellishment. A makeover of your CV that airbrushing out a few negatives employers would not appreciate. Then it goes a bit further.

What Does a Proofreader Do?

Proofreaders are the fresh set of eyes that all court reporters wish they had at the end of the day. While some certified court reporters do not have any help in producing transcripts, some find it helpful to have a professional proofreader. After taking a job, then reading it during the editing process and proofreading it again, the transcript begins to take on a certain familiarity.

Can You Say “No” and Still Work Your Way to the Top?

Let’s face it – most of us are on the receiving end of workplace assignments. And the reality is that we almost always end up accepting them.

Gear Up For Post-Recession Success

If economic forecasters are to be believed, the recession is nearing an end. As rumblings of the nation’s imminent recovery grow louder, workers and employers are gearing up for the post-recession job market. Despite unprecedented job loss in most sectors, growth and stability are positive in education, healthcare, government, and green businesses.

Career Evolution Or Career Intelligent Design?

The argument between evolution and intelligent design came to mind recently when considering career development in this harsh economic climate. The more traditional view of career development is the intelligent design approach – set career goals and developing a plan to achieve them step by step. In a work environment as volatile as this one, however, it is hard to see how the best laid career plans can be followed to a successful conclusion without numerous hiccups along the way!

The Essentials of Script Writing Jobs

A movie is an art form that has been in existence for many years now and today it is regarded as a medium of expression of what the film maker thinks and what is projected. The best part about the entire process of film making is the part where the story or the plot of the director gets converted to the directorial script.

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