How Much Does Martin Solhaugen Make On Youtube

Working Moms Using Alternative Work Schedules to Balance Work and Life

Many working mothers find it difficult to balance their personal and professional life due to their family demands and long working hours. In order to make their life easy, there are customized flexible work arrangements which can help them to reduce the working hours so as to give more time to their family.

Creating a Flex Schedule for Employees Without Hampering the Business Operations

Many college students want to acquire a part-time job to earn a handsome amount as their pocket money. There are many professions that may allow you to grab a job that has flexibility in working hours.

Starting A Law Firm – 5 Reasons Why Not to Start a Law Firm

There are many different routes that a lawyer can take in building a rewarding career. Some lawyers choose life in a large law firm, others choose the work/life balance of government or a small firm work, and others choose to start their own law firm. Answering the call of the entrepreneurial spirit and starting a law firm is in the blood of many attorneys. This is one of the major reasons that many chose to become an attorney in the first place. The ability to shape your own career and decide which cases you will accept fulfills the deepest career desires of every solo attorney.

Should You Go to Massage Therapy School?

A massage therapy career is not the right choice for everyone, but it might be a great one for you. Let’s talk about the massage therapy education you will submit yourself to and the challenges that await you.

To Go to College or Not to Go to College

Is college for you or is it not for you? Some say “yes”, others say “no”… what do YOU say?!

Admit To Your Mistakes At Work

For anyone to say that they never make a mistake would be to tell a lie. We all do at some point or other.

How to Survive Being Laid-Off From Your Job

When you get laid off, it is very easy to become trapped within yourself, in your own little world. You sit in front of the idiot box each and every day holding daily pity parties for yourself while you wait for some employer to call you and offer you a job.

Resignation Letters: Dos and Don’ts

The resignation letter gives you the opportunity to highlight some of your key achievements and it can cement relationships (and even a reference) with the boss. As Hanson notes, “you never want to end things on bad terms, as word can easily get around.”

How to Succeed at Job Fairs

Unless a job fair is aimed at a specific type of worker — such as for engineers — most job fairs will attract the same types of employers. They include government agencies that are always hiring, such as the FBI and fire departments, and industries that rely on sales and have high turnover, such as life insurance, car sales and financial advice.

How to Be a Better Networker

Networking is important when you are looking for a job. Research suggests that 80 percent of people get their jobs through their network, according to a report on ABC News.

Are You Dogfooding?

The Bracelet Last week my daughter came home from her job as a checker at a grocery store. She sat down and pulled a wad of money out of her pocket. I asked her where that came from.

Why You Need a Consultant

Many of us work with people every day either from joint ventures or sounding boards either at networking events or more formal mastermind groups. But if you think that you have all the advisers you need, I’m sorry but you’re wrong.

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