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Why Change Your Career? Making the Easy Decision

People often think that changing your career is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Uprooting yourself from a job that you’ve invested time and energy into can be hard, especially if you have come to see many of your colleagues as close friends. And making that decision to step into the unknown is very scary. However, if you’re in a job you hate and are simply staying because you don’t know anything else, then making the decision to change careers should be easy, not hard.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Do you recommend someone when they ask you? Do you ask for recommendations? Does either recommendation have value if it’s mutual? Here are some thoughts about giving recommendations, asking for recommendations and writing recommendations that resonate.

Your Nasal Voice Could Be a Stumbling Block to Your Success

Some of the adjectives that come to mind when I hear someone who has excessive nasality are whiny, strident, shrill, and grating. And, given the right volume, tone, and duration, it can lead some listeners to develop a headache.

International MBA Program (IMBA): The Whole World in Your Hand!

IMBA combines powerful core business education with an emphasis on studying global processes, allowing students choosing a prestigious yet unusual way in the world of business. Any graduate of this program will answer: if you are armed with the degree, you rule all modern business elements.

Different Jobs That Are Available To Painters

There are so many different careers that a person can aspire to. Among them are the great doctors and lawyers. However, procedures not the only career that matters.

The Right Way to Conduct an Informational Interview

When most people hear the words “job interview,” they automatically think of the high-pressure and often dreaded part of the job search process. In actuality, there are some interviews designed to spark confidence instead of fear. These interviews are referred to as informational interviews.

Make Your Job Feel Like Summer Vacation

Remember the feeling we all experienced on the first day of summer vacation? Sheer bliss, as I recall, based on the knowledge that the next 3 months were all ours. My kids, 8 and 13, have been in this state of utter joy over the past couple of weeks and it has affected me by creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy around the house. It made me wonder where this “irrational exuberance” comes from and why it is so contagious.

When to Memorize (and When Not to) in Public Speaking

I am not an advocate of memorization in public speaking except for your opening and possibly your closing. Because the opening is the most difficult part of the delivery, I recommend memorizing the first 3-4 lines. If ever there was a time when I wanted you to be flawless and smooth, it is then. It will bolster your confidence and make the rest of your delivery that much easier to control.

Information Overload – Which Resources Are Right for My Job Search?

Last week I returned from a 3-day weekend to an overwhelming number of messages. If you’re like me, you have no less than 7 or 8 “resources” for communication: LinkedIn, text messages, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, home/business phone, your home email and work email. In theory, technology is supposed to make things easier. Considering how difficult it is to navigate all of these communication tools as a recruiter, I got to thinking about how challenging it must be for job seekers and anyone looking to make a career change.

Career Change After 50 – Risks and Rewards!

Career change after 50-study possible risks and rewards. There have been literally dozens of surveys that report more that 50% or more of professionals over 50 are not completely satisfied with their current job or career. If you are dreaming of a career change now may be the time to assess the overall risks of a career change after 50.

What Are The Advantages Of Pharmacist Jobs?

If you are thinking about starting a career in pharmacy, then you should look into what the benefits and advantages of this industry are. Pharmacist jobs are an attractive choice for many people who are interested in science and have the necessary school results to enter the university course required.

MBA Statement of Purpose – Tips on How to Write Your Own Winning SoP

Once you have decided to apply for an MBA program, you need to submit a package of application documents. These documents must contain an application letter, an MBA statement of purpose, two recommendation letters, your GPA and GMAT score. Personal statement of purpose in which an applicant outlines his or her career goals and states reasons for applying to a particular program is considered to be one of the most important and crucial documents in your application package.

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