How Much Does Matthew Posa Make On YouTube

Development Centres – 10 Top Tips For Doing Well

Many companies decide who will get promoted in the future based on the outcome of a development centre. This article provides 10 top tips for making sure you do your best if you are invited to attend an event like this.

Proper Attire: To Suit or Not to Suit? That Is the Question

After applying for Internships, you now have an interview. But what do you wear? Always a suit or can you go more relaxed? Here’s some tips for job seekers.

Career Tip: Don’t Be a Grumbler!

This “career tip” probably seems very straightforward as obvious advice – we don’t like “grumblers” and nobody should aspire to be one. However, this advice comes from a significant lesson learned in my own career many years ago; it’s a real story that I think has great instructional value for everyone. Here is what happened…

Can You Get a Job Without a High School Diploma?

If you quit high school before obtaining a high school diploma, you may wonder “can you get a job without a high school diploma?” This is a common question asked among job seekers. So can you get a job without a high school diploma? Yes!

Career Transitions – Blank Pages Waiting To Be Filled

Learn to make the most of your career transition. This article describes how to transition into a career that is meaningful to you and leverages your strengths and unique abilities. Although it may be a time of transition, it is also a time for you to grow and learn.

How To Create Your Unique Career Plan

Depending on where you are in your career as well as how you feel about making “plans” for your life, creating a career plan may or may not be a welcoming idea. However, it is a step that is vital to ensure you are focused on your career objectives and are taking the right steps along the journey to get there. A career plan can be whatever you want it to be.

Maximize Profits by Building High Performance Teams

A video that compared the taste of a popular brand of pizza to that of cardboard, created a furor over the internet. The company’s top management immediately drew up plans for damage control and managed to calm down the uproar.

Career Development Feedback? Or Feed-Forward?

Learn the best way to apply feedback for career growth: using it as feed-forward; that is, as a path forward. Instead of looking back, use the information to look ahead and take actions for improvement.

Preparing For a Career Discussion With Your Manager

Learn the top questions to ask yourself (and answer!) before you have a career conversation with your manager. Go in prepared and able to get the most out of this important discussion with your manager.

Why Qualifications Are Important for an Aspiring Electrician

For anyone aspiring to become an electrician it is essential you obtain the relevant credentials to achieve qualified status. There are a number of reasons, both professional and personal, why electrical qualifications are desired, this article will highlight a few of these.

Job References DO Count – Never Burn a Bridge!

It’s a small world in business. We can unknowingly influence our future with our behavior today. This week, I had several scary job reference requests. Three out of four reference requests had an unhappy ending. Do job references really make a difference? Listen to the 4 stories below and decide for yourself…

Can You Really Land A Job Of Your Life?

In many people’s point of view, they will never live happily until they really land the jobs of their life. Do you agree with this statement?

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