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Good Attitude Helps You Through Good and Bad Times

Deciding to own a business means owning the fact that there will be good and bad events that you must endure during the process. It won’t benefit you to believe that things will go well 100% of the time, and that you will meet all of your goals exactly when you had set out to. From the day you open your business to the world, you are greeted by the reality of the environment around you.

Establishing Yourself As an Expert

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses out there, and thousands of experts to go along with each one. How is someone supposed to find you if there are so many options to choose from? Status. When you are proclaimed an expert, you are then ranked higher, and more respected as well. People will be able to trust you much more knowing you had to work to gain the position you are in.

Standing Out to an Employer

In this economy getting a job is crucial, but seems almost impossible. Job searching can seem like a long and endless task, but getting a job can be done. You want to make sure you have the best advantage to stand out and become someone a company wants a part of their business.

A Guide To Good Business Writing

We are focusing on any job type that involves a lot of business writing. This articles explains the types of errors and poor quality writing that are common in business.

5 Reasons Others Interrupt You

Nothing is more frustrating than having your message interrupted by others or being talked over as you speak. The impact of not being heard or of not being taken seriously can certainly have negative effects on your self-esteem. Given enough of this treatment and your confidence could be at an all-time low. You may even believe that what you have to say is not important when, in fact, that is not the case.

How to Get Hired for Railroad Jobs

Despite the fact that chances of getting hired for rail jobs are close to impossible, especially when you don’t have the necessary skills to apply for one, many people still take their chances and try to establish a career in the railroad industry. Read on and learn why most people are scrambling for a job at the rails and what lengths you need to go to if you want to get one.

What Do You Want From Work?

The answers to these five questions will tell you what you want from your work. As you compare your answers to what you have today, in this present moment, you will find your goals. These are the goals that will help you have a satisfying career.

Law Jobs in Government: How to Serve Your Community As a Lawyer

Find out how you can use law skills in public service. If you are considering or are currently practicing law, you have career options in government, from serving the court system to working on Capitol Hill.

3 Simple Behaviors That Get You Promoted

I often get asked “What does it take for me to get a promotion?” That question has many different answers depending on your current position, the structure of the company, how many employees there are and of course your skills and talents and what you have to offer to a new role.

How to Deal With an Unprofessional Colleague

Ever had to deal with that one person at work that has no respect, no consideration for others and just doesn’t know when to zip the lip? We’ve all been there before and it’s one of the hardest things to deal with because we are in a professional setting and need to act professionally even when others do not. So how do you deal with someone who may be rude or disrespectful to you?

5 Overused Words on a Resume

We all want to make the best impression of our professional lives as we can, yet sometimes, without even knowing it, we could be sabotaging our first encounter with a potential new employer by the choice of words used on a resume. A resume is a dynamic document that should be updated at least every 6 months and more often if there are achievements and necessary edits, depending on your personal circumstance. I have reviewed hundreds of resumes throughout my managerial life and I see rooky mistakes all the time.

How to Prioritize Your Workday

As women, we generally have a lot to juggle in our days. Children, exercising, cooking, running errands, beauty appointments, catching up with friends and family and of course, work.

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