How Much Does MayaPolarbear Make On YouTube

Why Working For a Professional Dating Agency is the Best Job in the World

What is it like to work for a professional dating or introduction agency? Wouldn’t you like to know? Well now you can – welcome to the wonderful world of dating.

Salary Surveys and Top Earning Occupations

As a child, when you thought you wanted to be a fireman or a nurse when you grew up, the concept of salaries had never even entered your head. Even when deciding what courses to study at university most students will prioritise long term career satisfaction over money. However, when your earnings are not enough to secure a mortgage or do not afford you life’s luxuries, perhaps motivators change. What if you could retire at 55 instead of 65, or even at 40 for that matter?

The New Way of Work – Will it Be Meaningful Work?

There are many who are predicting that after this downturn in the economy the workplace will look different from the one we’ve known. Peter Weddle, a job board expert and writer on career topics sees a workplace with fewer permanent workers.

Finding the Right Job Or Career When You Have to Change Careers

If you are one of the many people who is facing a major change in life due to the fact that your former job no longer exists or you have been laid off, then you are probably facing several difficult questions. The first question may be the basic question that must be taken care of immediately, “How do I support myself?”

Bookkeeping Courses and Qualifications – Bookkeeping As a Profession

People of all ages are becoming bookkeepers: Young people fresh from school or college can achieve a professional qualification that opens up a whole new world of business to them or may become the first step to becoming a qualified accountant. More mature people bring years’ of experience to their role and are in great demand from businesses who want a safe pair of hands.

Importance of Photographs in Modeling Portfolios

Procuring best and professionally shot photographs is of primary significance. Finding a professional photographer and make-up artist are of vital importance. This article provides photography tips for the modeling portfolio.

Filling Out an Application

Your application is your first impression to your perspective employer. And you only have one chance to make it a good one.

For “Those Who Remain” AFTER the Downsizing

Here is a familiar scenario facing all of us today – The company where you’ve worked for many years has finally succumbed to financial pressures and has started multiple rounds of layoffs. So far you’ve survived, but how can you increase your chances of remaining employed in this difficult market?

Be Active and Get More Acting Work

What can you do to find more acting work? Discover ways in which you can begin to make your own “acting luck”. Some ideas to help actors move ahead.

Careers For People Who Love to Travel!

Careers for people who love to travel are becoming more and more commonplace; and I’m not just talking about the army here. I’m sure you’ve all read about how people are building up ‘portfolio careers’ with a few years doing this and that – is incorporating travel into that quite as easy as it sounds?

Helpful Tips to Finding Entry Level Positions After Graduation

Graduating from an university is one of the greatest accomplishments a person can achieve. You spend endless hours in lecture halls studying, and many sleepless night’s writing papers, all in pursuit of that piece of paper that will secure your future. The special day finally arrives and you walk onstage to receive your diploma. Celebration ensues with flowers, family pictures, and overall happiness. You think your future is sealed, but in reality your journey is just beginning.

How to Make Money When You’re Out of Work

If you can’t find a job, consider alternative ways of making money. You can use skills you already possess to make some money for your family.

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