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Surgical Technician – Overview

Though not a true nursing position, the surgical technologist must have the knowledge to anticipate what instruments a surgeon will need in the operating room for specific procedures. The tech will hand those instruments to the surgeon during the operation in the proper manner. The surgery tech will also need to know how to set up the operating room with sterility in mind.

Why Career Coaching Works

In a day and time where everyone is talking about life coaches, their applicability and all the benefits they bring to the lives of those they touch, there is another professional who is definitely worth your consideration when it comes to ensuring happiness and stability in the other area of life-your career. A career coach is a professional that is dedicated to helping individuals effectively execute their career searches. For those who are already in a position, career coaches also provide assistance by helping ensure needs and expectations remain realistic and obtainable.

Quitting Your Job Without Burning Any Bridges!

Do you daydream about the day you get to tell your boss everything that he is doing wrong? How you could do his job ten times better with your eyes closed? Then, after you’ve read him the riot act, you arrogantly say, “Oh, and I QUIT!”

Networking – The Number One Way to Get a Job!

As a resume writer and career counselor… the number one question I always get is, “What can I do to find a job?” The answer? Network!

Are Women Still Earning Less Than Men?

Being a woman, you can imagine how I felt when I recently read an article stating that women are STILL earning 12% less than a man in a comparable position. This is an important issue because at some point in our lives, 80-90% of all women will be solely responsible for their own finances, whether it be because of divorce, death, disability of a spouse, or just deciding to remain single.

How To Become A Career Coach

Career coaching is a vast industry with a broad scope for minting millions. So if you are interested in helping people find the right jobs and earning money at the same time, then a profession as a career coach is the perfect solution for you.

College Career Planning – Discover How To Make Productive Use Of Valuable Available Resources

College career planning comes in two parts. First, you engage in individual assessment of interests and abilities along with self-study. Second, are more formal programs and career planning systems from colleges, universities and some private companies. Find out how you can combine these two career planning ideas to find the ideal career for you.

Career Counseling – Who Needs It?

Sometimes careers are considered less important than professions in the minds of the general public. It follows, then, that career counseling would be considered useful for those persons who are considering occupations requiring other-than college degrees for entrance. These myths have been around for a long time. This article lays out the process anyone can learn and apply throughout life. It is the true pattern of effective career counseling.

Career Planning or Career Change – Four Critical Actions to Overall Career Success!

You’ve worked for an employer for a few years. But things just don’t seem right. Maybe it’s a new boss, or a new CEO but things aren’t what they used to be. Your career seems to be going nowhere. For whatever reason, your job doesn’t get you going in the morning, if fact, some mornings you dread going it to work. Here are four action items to get you back on track.

Career Planning – How We Can All Learn For This College Student’s Career Plan!

Career planning has many forms. Recently we spoke with Julie, a college junior, who is majoring in diet and nutrition. Julie has an intern position lined up for next summer working with a dietitian at a local hospital. She has a lot going for her but it’s the next step that will assure she has a rewarding and productive career.

Career Planning – Plan for an Event Planner Career!

The event planning career is a recent career field addition. Prior to 1990 the career wasn’t listed in the Department of Labor job data base. The job goes by various names such as convention planner, conference or workshop coordinator, meeting manager or perhaps special event coordinator. Whatever the title of the job, meetings have tended to become more complicated with the expanding global economy. Find more about the requirements for this exciting and growing career.

The Importance Of Career Planning

Career planning needs to begin early to enhance career options. Preplanning plays a major role in success, if we want to pursue a specific course of action and career.

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