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Do You Need TLC and Self Care?

Self-care is foundational to thriving in your career and in your life. When we are busy or overworked, or feeling tired and depleted, self-care is often one of the first things to go. But neglecting self-care can ultimately lead to burnout. In fact, if you find you can’t make time for self-care, you can be sure you are on the path to burnout. If you already experiencing burnout in your job or career, self-care is the first step to recovery and transformation. The great news is this something you can change. Read on to learn steps you can take now.

4 Ways To Grow Your Credit Card Processing Business

Looking to make your card payment processing business more successful? Follow these four tips and watch your business grow.

Using Social Media Channels to Get Jobs

With today’s technology almost no one picks up the newspaper and turns to the classified section to look for a job nor do they call for an interview time and then have an interview. Today most people use the web to find their next job. All they have to do is type in what they are looking for whether it’s by job title, location, or company.

Job Interview Preparation – Understand the Interview’s Objectives

The cover letter and the resume reached their purpose. You got a phone call saying that you’ll do a job interview. All you have to do now is your interview preparation. Please remember that firstly you should understand what are the interview’s objectives before going to the big meeting.

Ditch Branding And Marketing, Woo Instead – 5 Of Umpteen Ways To Get Your Woo On

Self-marketing and branding matter, but if you’re a professional with more than one degree, you need to start wooing your next employer now. Before you get your woo on, here are 5 quick pre-launch tips to own prime search time, your shape, your health, your packaging, and your commitment to frequently “ship” hand-written thank-you notes.

You Are The Only One Who Knows How Serious You Are About Taking Career Action – 5 Test Questions

If you agree you are the only one who really knows how serious you are about taking action to move your career needle, see if the following 5 questions are strong enough to convict you? 1) Do you ASK? 2) Do you pass the career BUCK? 3) Do you CAREER manage? 4) Do you protect your career DIGNITY? 4) Do you ENRICH you and your career?

What The “New” Value Proposition Means For Women and Pay

The traditional value proposition that existed between companies and employers was structured around loyalty. In exchange for services provided, dedication, long hours and commitment, the company would provide fair wages, benefits and retirement. Those days are long gone. The value proposition has changed. Learn how to earn more money.

Selecting Computer Colleges For Your Further Studies – Make A Wise Choice

Selecting the subject in which one wants to major is an important one. One should not just go by the words of others or as per peer pressure.

How to Tackle Stress at Work by Knowing the Warning Signs

Stress is a psychological belief that what is expected of you is more than you can deliver. Discover the 4 common stress profiles and get to know the warning signs.

Balance Between Sleep, Work, and Leisure

Balancing time among sleep, work and leisure can have a positive effect on your lifestyle and business. The most successful people in the world sleep no more than 3-4 hours a day.

Benefits of on-The-Job Training in Professional Programmes

To provide students hands-on-experience in their chosen profession and equip them with abilities that will help them to perform at the workplace, on-the job-training is being provided to students in professional courses. The importance of such training is being realised by top business management institutes and thus they have integrated such practical training in their management course.

Minute Taking Outline and Instructions

Work skills required in a professional environment can be broad. One skill that is an asset is the ability to complete minute taking.

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