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Developing Your Plan For Career Resilience

We have been fortunate as a society to experience several years of significant economic growth and prosperity that fostered career advancement and seamless career transitions without serious contemplation given to our plan for career resilience. In fact the term career resilience has only recently gained attention as it applies to undertaking self-directed learning initiatives to keep pace with change and maintaining responsibility for our own careers beyond those required of company performance programs.

Best Future Jobs For the Next Decade

The best future jobs for the next decade for job creation with above average wages (as defined by higher than median wage as of 2006) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) appear to be in health care, technology, education, and business support and operation functions. If you are studying now and training to be in one of these fields then it is likely you are on a good career path.

Top Future Jobs Remain in Nursing, Health Care, and Software

The top future jobs over the next several years in terms of growth rate have been accumulated and posted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of their 2008-09 Occupational Outlook Handbook. The good news is that despite the bleak immediate outlook for employment as of the second quarter of 2009 there are still numerous above average wage paying jobs expected to be created in the next several years covering the whole spectrum of educational background.

Interview Skills in a Tough Job Market

With thousands of new layoffs announced every day, any employer with an open position is seeing hundreds of applicants. As the job market tightens, potential employers will look for the best. Job hunters are playing the A-game even when applying for jobs that are not exactly what they want.

6 Simple Ways to Handle Your Boss

Why does your boss act this way? Maybe your boss just spoke rudely to you or piled an unreasonably high stack of papers onto your desk to be completed by the end of the day. What are you going to do about it?

Who is a Mentor? Find a Mentor

A mentor might be just what you need to improve your career prospects and pick things up. The problem with planning your career is that one small mistake can be very costly and even end up losing you your job. A mentor will have much more experience than you and can assist you with a number of different areas, including coaching you to become a better leader. It’s important that you choose the best career mentor so that you get reliable and valuable advice.

Security in Sears Jobs

It seems that the only things in this economy that do not fail are those that are too big to fail or too stupid. I have noticed a resurgence of the mindless reality television, and sweet Lord in aisle three, is it stupid! And yet, we return week after week, season after season to watch it. Why? These shows speak to us on some level.

What Does Your Boss Really Want?

What would your boss say if asked to describe the perfect employee? Are you guessing, or do you know for sure? Having second thoughts? If you’re not quite sure what comprises a “perfect employee,” you should probably read this article.

MBA Interview Questions and Strategies For Success

The MBA interview is a crucial, but often overlooked, portion of the MBA admissions process. Learn important tips and strategies that will help you gain the edge and gain admission to the school of your dreams.

Career Strategy Tips #2 – The Power of Your Brand

Your Brand defines you in the career marketplace. It is critical for successful networking and interviewing, an important resume component, and clarifies where do you want to be in your career 5 years from now. It’s an abbreviated answer to: Who are you? and, Where are you headed in your career? It is your Identity, Footprint, and a Distinctive and Compelling Voice. In this world of butterfly attention spans, Your Brand is a succinct expression of your Career Strategy. It defines your success. This article will help you appreciate and create your distinctive Brand.

Help, My Boss is a Jerk

Given the law of averages, you would think that the incidence of jerks who become bosses is roughly the same as jerks in the general population. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Jerks seem to be well over-represented in the ranks of bosses, as if some karmic force is at work to punish people for the laundry list of bad things they have done in their lives. You bullied that freckled-faced kid in third grade and your comeuppance is to be tortured by your megalomaniac boss. Wow. Don’t you wish you could just do detention after school instead?

Looking For a New Career? The World is Your Playground

If you’re looking for a new career, you are most certainly not the only individual doing so. There are a lot of people looking for new jobs in this troubled economy. They are looking for a fresh start.

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