How Much Does Michael Franzese Make on YouTube

The Continued Growth of the Independent Worker

Current trends in independent contracting are explored. Encouragement is offered to jobseekers to consider pursuing this course of work.

Working In a High School As A Computer Instructor

Most people dream of working in banks, software companies, universities or even starting their own enterprise after graduating from college with a degree in IT (Information Technology) or Computer Science. Unfortunately, I did not realize this dream in spite of having graduated top of my class.

Don’t Know What to Do in Your Career? Start Here

Do you ever wonder, “How can I discover what I can do to earn a living that I can also enjoy? Where do I begin?” I struggled with this question for many years before figuring out the answer.

How To Get A CDL – Steps For Obtaining Your License

How to get a CDL involves a complete process starting from getting trained to drive a truck. Your CDL will be your passport in obtaining commercial driving jobs.

Finding Purpose in Your Work or Business Endeavors

Learning your skill set, figuring out your interests and understanding how you can help others will assist you in finding purpose in your work. When you find purpose in your work that is one of the best feelings you can have.

Your Future-Focused Resume

As most of you know, I’m a strong advocate of everyone having an updated resume and bio. It prevents you from being placed in the embarrassing situation of being asked to “shoot me over your current resume” and having to say you don’t have one or lying and scrambling to create something. The bonus of this discipline is you are forced to reevaluate your job and career on a regular basis as well as update the document’s format to meet ever-changing standards. When it comes to biographies, everyone should have three versions.

I’m Not A Job-Seeker? I’m a WHAT?!? – Understanding Why Your Being Interviewed

In order to differentiate yourself from all the other candidates, you need to know why your being interviewed. This articles answers that question and provides you with tools that will allow you to stand out on your next interview.

Teaching EFL

After graduating college and getting the bachelor’s degree, you have a chance to go abroad for teaching English as a foreign language. You can be a teacher at universities, private schools and academies all over the world.

Jobs in Care – Is a Career As a Carer Right for You?

When it comes to job satisfaction, few jobs are as rewarding as jobs in care. Day in, day out, you get to make a real difference to peoples’ lives, and work with some extraordinary colleagues. Here, we will look at what jobs in care involve and how you can decide if it is the right job for you:

A Personalized Cover Letter

Imagine, that you are a hiring manager in a company. Every day you get a lot of different cover letters. Your task is to find between them a person, who will work in your company and will help to achieve a success for the company.

Tips for Participating in a Job Fair

According to the investigations, job fairs help to hire about 70% employees. Job fairs assist not only to the employers, but to job seekers too, even they don’t get the vacancy. Job seekers get a useful experience, come to know information about the different companies and organizations, make friends, collect business cards.

Attending a Job Fair

Attending job fairs is a good way to find a job. During such meetings, you have the opportunity to meet with employers, to ask the questions that you are interested in.

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