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Learn and Earn

“Eenie meenie Minnie Moe, the candidate without the certification will have to go.” That’s not exactly how corporate recruiters decide on which candidate we will extend an offer to however in most cases, the candidate that possesses a certification or higher degree will have an edge over similarly qualified candidates when it comes time to extend an offer. Degrees and certifications show a commitment to a career and it validates your abilities in the job market.

Christians Take Job Happiness Action

Christians take heart, you don’t have to be a miserable wretch at the work-place. This article details how we, as Christians, can improve our workplace/employment situation.

Welding Jobs on Oil Rigs

Welding jobs on oil rigs allow you to make good money and travel at the same time! Read on for information to help you land your first offshore welding position.

Fashion As a Career

Fashion is the passion of many youngsters. They feel pride in following the latest trends.

Legitimate and Easy Data Entry Jobs

Everyday we see searches made on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN and others for phrases like online data entry, data entry from home, typing simple data entry, home data entry jobs and many more. The only problem is the majority of data entry ads that come up when you use the search terms above take you to nothing more than an affiliate program in disguise. This is very frustrating to most people as you can imagine, because you only find out after you have paid your hard earned money that you will indeed not be typing data entry but placing ads all over the internet and incurring additional costs.

How to Find the Right Career – 5 Things to Help You Find the Career You Want

One of the things that can make people unhappy and unfulfilled with their lives is that, they are unhappy with their jobs and their career in general. At times, it is hard to switch careers especially if you are not quite comfortable handling uncertainties, but of course you can do something about it and you can avoid being trapped in a stressful career that, in the first place, is not what you really want.

How Much Training Does an Interior Designer Need?

Are you the type of person who pays extra attention on how a room or an office is decorated? If so, you may want to consider a career as an interior designer. What is an interior designer?

Graphic Designer Salary – What’s the Scoop on This?

Careers in Graphic Design provide unlimited and diverse opportunities. Careers abound in print and technology media. Careers in Graphic Design continue to be in high demand; however, salary ranges in Graphic Design are fluid depending on employment.

Career Planning Tips – A Few Tips on How to Find Your Perfect Job

Many people may find themselves unhappy with their current jobs or are not fulfilled with their careers. You may even be one of those who find others lucky for landing the job that they have always wanted. But of course, you can do something about your life to make you a lot happier and fulfilled.

The Qualities Needed to Get an Advertising Sales Job

In order to be able to sell advertising space you need to know how the industry works and what adverts are proving most effective. An advertising sales executive needs to provide clients with reasons as to why they should buy some advertising space and the rewards it will bring them or their company.

Would You Relocate to Keep Your Job?

During the downturn, most workers were willing to do whatever it took to hold onto their jobs. As the economy pulls out of recession, however, would you be willing to relocate to another city, region or even country to save your position?

The Role of and Requirements For Account Managers

I have heard the role of the account manager described as ‘selling stuff you have already sold to people you have already sold to’. How far from the truth is that statement?

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