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How to Survive Hating Your Job – Tips For Surviving a Job You Hate

It is never fun to be in a job you don’t enjoy, and it is especially challenging during difficult economic times. Are there ways you can make your situation better? Yes there are. Here are ten tips to help you survive a job you hate…

Don’t Wait For the Economy to Turnaround – Six Steps to Reinvent Yourself Now

Don’t waste anymore time. The people who will become successfully employed are those who understand they must reinvent themselves and learn new skills to compete in today’s job market.

Recession Proof Jobs in Information Technology

Despite the current economic turmoil, there’s no effect on the IT industry and it’s offering more jobs and developing the top financially-satisfying careers. It is anticipated that more Americans will be switching to IT.

Find Your Passion – Find Your New Career

The following article is based on advice I recently gave to someone who was considering leaving their high-paying corporate job to become self-employed. I hope it helps other people to find the life of their dreams. We all deserve to have the best life possible.

The Residential Building Code and Me

Home Builder, Architect, Inspector, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, HVAC Contractor, who ever you are in the business of building residential homes, the Residential Building Code touches your life daily. “Oh, I haven’t looked up anything in the Code for years.” Well maybe it’s time you did!

How to Start a Gospel Record Label

Establishing your own gospel record label may be easier than you ever dreamed. The definition of a record label is an entity that records and produces media in the form of CD’s or other recording formats. When your band creates its first CD and successfully sells at least one copy, then you have become the minimalist form of a record label.

Make Extra Profit With Christmas Season Part Time Jobs

Are you looking for a part time job? This will not be a hard task, especially now that the holidays are coming. This is the time when buyers are scattered, looking for good present ideas and bargains. If you need extra income, you should try to use this to your advantage.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries and a Recruiters Advice on Getting in

It is unfortunate when I have a candidate approach me mid-career, that is interested in getting into the industries above, but they haven’t worked in the right places or held the right positions to transition into a sales role in Medical or Pharmaceutical. I decided to put together a tool that would help point recent college graduates in the right direction on how to get into these industries.

What If My Year-End (Christmas) Bonus Disappears?

In tough times employees can lose out on bonuses they were hoping for. How can you avoid being a victim in the bonus situation?

How to Pass the Initial Interview

Landing a job nowadays is very hard especially in a very competitive environment. You have to stand out and make an excellent impression on the initial interview or else you will end up being one of those jobless people who are slowly growing in number. Once you pass the initial interview, you are already assured of having perfected about 20% of the qualifications needed to land a job.

Harsh Reality – The Real Reality to Power

This might sound harsh, but this business is not about your looks or your family traits. It is about you. People do not join a company, they join leaders.

How the Internet Can Aid in Your Job Search

Many people in the middle of a job hunt need to think outside of the normal classified ads. Learning the different ways the internet can aid in your job search is a valuable lesson.

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