How Much Does Milabu Make on YouTube

Pharmacy Technician Employment – Typical Pay and Skills Required

Pharmacy Technician employment opportunities are abundant. Pharmacy Tech Jobs are available in every major city and town at retail pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens, hospitals, and medical centers.

Reasons to Become Fashion Model

Some consider the effort required to become fashion model as being too much of an inconvenience. But the numerous benefits that come with this career line make every sacrifice worth it. The first and most outstanding aspect of it is the fact that when you become fashion model, this presents a unique opportunity for one to enjoy life while making a living. Very few careers offer this privilege.

Taking the Right Pictures to Present to a Model Agency

To work for a model agency in UK, you have to take pictures that you will show to the recruitment agents of the modeling agency. This normally determines whether you will get a contract or not. It is therefore very important to get the pictures right to increase your chances of working with the agency. Before you pose for the pictures you want to present, visit the model agency in UK official website to get the pictures they want new models to have.

College Job Seekers – Choosing Your 1st Job

From my interaction with students both on the recruiting end and with my interaction with career centers, I often see university students, upon graduation pick a career almost out of thin air. Some claim that their life calling is in finance while others feel that marketing is what they were born to do. Though, despite career perceptions that a lot of recent graduates perceive to be factual, many don’t know what they want to do and, moreover many are afraid to admit it.

Career Advice For Young People – Why Are Our Students Revolting?

Careers advice for young people has never been as popular especially when the UK government plans to triple University Fees. How can we help our students with expert careers advice and jobs advice in these troubled times?

How You Can Make Better Career Decisions Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an utmost useful instrument for making career decisions. Basically it is a personality assessment that helps you understand yourself and others better. MBTI looks at the natural preference on where a person directs their energy, how they take in information, how they make decisions, and how they orient their lives. Although Myers-Briggs cannot measure your skills or how you will perform in a certain job, it can help you to find out which type of work will feel natural to you and what working environment will suit you best.

How to Handle and Process New Job Offers

A brief guide to reviewing and evaluating new job offers. There is a slight leaning towards banking jobs in Jersey in this evaluation.

Career Assessment Tests Are Not The Best Method If You Want A Dream Job With A High Income

Career assessment tests and career personality tests are not the best way to find your dream job in this day and age of recession and high competition for job vacancies. Some of these online career matchmaker questionnaires are dubious at best and completely inaccurate at worst. The only way to find the best career for yourself is to take stock of what you are passionate about first and then go about getting that dream job. Even in times of recession you can find the job you want to do rather than just putting up with the first thing that comes along just to earn some money.

9 Simple Resume Dos and Don’ts

Do you only see STOP signs after submitting your resume? Often I hear candidates complain that they have all the skills necessary to fill the position but after submitting their resume no one calls them in for an interview. It could be that you are not providing the correct information or that the resume is too difficult to read due to too much information, formatting, spelling and or grammatical errors.

Career Help Tip – Lack of Boldness Can Sabotage Your Career Success

We all can sabotage our careers with behaviors we might not be aware of. In this first of a series of career help articles by a small business and career coach, we analyze and give tips for dealing with the “I’m Not Good Enough to Be Bold” habit that undermines so many people.

Getting More Out of Your IT Recruitment Agency (a Candidate’s Perspective)

If you can think of a time when you were confident you were right for a role but didn’t get so much as an interview, this short guide could well be pertinent to you. I explore some of the ways that candidates can get more out of their recruitment agency.

Going Down To The Basics Of Company Incorporation

In establishing your own company, company incorporation is certainly a big step. Successful business owners always ask for expert advice and look for the help of specialists when venturing into a new environment especially that of business. They ask for advice on what services or products are best to promote or what marketing techniques or methods work best at boosting sales.

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