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All You Need to Know About Casting Calls Auditions

For one to be a successful model, auditioning is mandatory. Every model has to pass through this stage in order to advance his/her career. The difference between the modeling industry and the other ones is that the auditioning process is very dissimilar to the interviews.

7 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

While you can never be over-prepared for an interview, it is also important that your answers to the following questions do not come across as having been memorised or scripted. Always take a second or two to consider the question before answering and provide practical examples where possible. By being prepared with answers to these questions will help you to feel far more confident in an interview and if a question comes up that you are not prepared for, don’t get flustered and tongue tied; take a moment to consider the question and ask for clarification if you need to…

Job Advice: Do Unsolicited Resumes Help or Hurt You?

Many job seekers are pretty clueless to HR processes and etiquette. Either they do not care or just do not know–which I believe is the case most of the time. My purpose is to guide you and help you direct your resume the right way so you get real results.

Are You in the Right Job?

Finding the right job is important for a variety of reasons: job satisfaction, productivity and the ability to manage your own career. This article will help you determine whether or not you’re in a job that aligns with you, and, if not, steps to take to find one that does.

The Pros And Cons For a Career As a Plumber

A plumber is a professional who is responsible for repairing and installing the pipes that are used to carry sewage and water. The majority of plumbers work in the plumbing or air conditioning industry, but nearly 14 percent of plumbers are self-employed. It is important to note that this profession certainly is not for everyone. Before a person decides whether this profession is right for him, he should weigh the pros and cons. Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of being a plumber:

Stress at Work

Considering our modern rapid and demanding life styles, stress at work has become a defacto, and it’s not only at work, stress has taken over all aspects of life. It seems as if there is merely no escape. If you are by now stressed at your home, with your neighbors, in your daily life, there is no reason for you to be stressed as well at work!

Do You Need to Go to School to Become a Paramedic?

When thinking about becoming a paramedic, you might wonder if you will need to go to school. In this article, I help to answer that question for you by shedding light on formal education requirements needed to become a paramedic.

The Skillset of a Great Paramedic

There is more to being a great paramedic than simply mastering advanced equipment and passing exams. Read about the skills every great paramedic should possess.

EMT Vs Paramedic: What’s the Difference?

Many people use the terms EMT and Paramedic interchangeably. But, is there a difference between the two? In this article, I’ll go over how what makes an EMT different from a Paramedic.

How To Be A Model In The Fitness Niche

If you want to break into the world of fitness modelling, this article will help you. It’s a cut throat industry, and not as easy as people think.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Interview Tips

After completing all certification and training to become an occupational therapy assistant there’s one more crucial step towards your new career. You have to pass an interview!

Improving The Relationship With Your Boss: Quick Tips

Bosses have a significant influence over our day-to-day working lives and our future career prospects. Some bosses are easier to work with than others. This article gives you some quick tips on how to work better with your boss.

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