How Much Does Missionary Bush Pilot Make on YouTube

French Translation As a Career – Why It Is So Important to Continue Learning French in Schools

French is, unfortunately, a language that is becoming less and less popular. Spanish is taking the lead against this beautiful language in schools. Why?

Best Single Action to Change Careers

I love a good story, don’t you? As individuals, we often turn to stories for information and meaning about life. We live in a narrative or story-telling culture.

Unlucky 13 Dangerous Professions

There are some professions that are inherently more dangerous than others. The dangers can be to the person that is employed in the field, to the public around the worker or to the environment. Each of these professions has several safety practices in place in order to protect the person working in the field, as well as the general public and environment surrounding the work site.

How to Select, Rent and Prepare a Meeting Space?

The success of a business meeting or a conference is not solely into its subject; it’s conjointly supported by the participants and how the meeting is organized: to built a positive atmosphere where each participant get on well with one another and can take the simplest of the debate. If you’re trying to rent a conference room, some cities like London have masses to settle on. But before committing yourself with any of those, you ought to scrutinize some details.

Work Place Bullies

I have worked at different companies and the one thing I know for a fact is that the people you work with all have their own particular personality. The question is what do you do when you find such a place and there is someone there who is a bully. You know that boss or co-worker with the hair-trigger temper. The person who feels it is OK to tell an embarrassing joke at your expense; yet they take offence to the slightest jest.

What Are Your Career Fears?

What are your biggest career fears? Boss from hell or demon co-worker, read on and find out how to over come them.

How to Be Company Focused and Achieve Job Seeking Success

A brief discussion of strategies, and underlying psychology, of how to optimize your your job search efforts. Main Points: (!), Don’t just meet, but exceed, the needs of your prospective employer; (2), Make sure you have the background your employer wants; (3), Do deep company and job research; (4), Be brief and to the point in verbal and written communications; (5), Finally, and most importantly, focus on the needs of your employer more than on your own needs!

Should I Use A Specialist Recruitment Agent to Help Me Find A Job?

These days, landing a regular job can be quite an arduous task. The world economy is in turmoil and job seekers are experiencing uncertainty and distress. Even though jobs are hard to find that does not mean that there are none available, you just need some help in tracking them; and this is where a recruiter comes in handy.

The Best Article Marketing Tips to Maximize Your Profit

When creating a website or a blog, it can be confusing to know how to write your first post, many think “oh, this is my first article, it must be special” and many questions begin to arise like: What is the right format? How many lines should I write?

A Brief Introduction to Financial Jobs

Even during the current recession, financial powerhouses like the City of London, or Wall Street, have continued to provide motivated and skilled workers in financial jobs with a quality of life that’s unmatched in most other sectors. That’s down to one thing. The earning power of financial sector and banking jobs.

Daring to Change: Here’s How to Make the Leap

Before making any change you need to look at your starting point, even if feels uncomfortable. You have to pay attention to any gaps in your knowledge, skills and behavior and develop a gap strategy to help you leap over and take conscious deliberate action.

As a Job Seeker, Are You a Bowler or an Archer?

Here are two compelling questions to seriously contemplate: When you send out your resume during your job search, 1) are you using the approach of a bowler who hopes to knock down as many pins as possible, and 2) are you aiming very carefully as an archer would do to hit the Bullseye? The bowler’s approach is what most job seekers do. By striking multiple targets (like individual pins), the logic is that you are bound to make several good “hits” out of the effort.

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