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The Importance of ITIL Training and Certification for the Future

One thing we can be sure about is that nothing will happen in future without Information Technology being a part of it. Whether it is a product or service IT will have it covered and its rapid growth is an indication that much sooner than later, anyone who does not get on the band wagon will be left by the wayside. It is for this very reason that individuals, as well as organizations that have recognized ITIL as the most commonly adapted IT framework, are readying themselves to implement its services to face future challenges.

Becoming a Diplomat

Many of you have often dream of coming a foreign diplomat for your country. It is a more prestigious and admirable job.

Halloween Costumes Could Lead to Job Offers and More

For example, you are a jobless manager. You orchestrate a scene rather than just one costume for yourself. That scene depicts an ideal in profitable managing. You enact that scene in a symbolic manner. For example, you place yourself in front of a well-known business school or business. Check with authorities if you need a permit. Not as good but it still could be effective is staging in a park or in front of your house. Give out free candy. Notify media — print, digital, broadcast — of the special event. An amateur press release would be just fine.

17% Polled Think a Fling With the Boss Could Boost Their Career

17 percent of 1,000 American workers and their bosses said in a survey that they’d have an office fling with their boss if it would advance their career. Workers in the Adecco Group survey said that socializing with their boss — Facebook friends, going out for a drink and the usual social stuff — won’t help them get ahead at work, but 9 percent “completely agree” that having sex with their boss will help their career, with 8 percent saying they “somewhat agree.”

Applying to Management Jobs: Polish Up Your Resume and Interviewing Skills

Being prepared for the job market is far more important now, especially for management jobs. Consider these suggestions for your job search.

Having a Stay-At-Home Spouse Increases Your Chance For Promotion

Consequently, you will find most of these stay-at-home “jobs” in fields like financial services, law, corporate management, and successful entrepreneurship. The powers-that-be often want to be assured that, yes, there will be the stay-at-home spouse holding down the fort, ranging from child care to hosting social events, reports Rachel Emma Silverman in The Wall Street Journal.

5 Tips for Starting a New Job

Get tips for starting a new job. Find out to how to start a new job successfully, and what to do on your first day at a new job.

Model Agency – Why You Should Deal With One

There are several benefits for dealing with Model agency which is based in the UK. The location is well known for being a center of attraction for clients looking for models and models looking for work. Also the London fashion week is one of the global events that fashion models are always after. Dealing with Model agency would make it easier to accomplish such dream.

How to Make Money Just by Being Someone’s Friend

How would you like to get paid to hang out with someone? To go to dinner, take a class, go shopping, to a sporting event — in essence, doing all the things you normally do with your friends, and also have someone else pick up the tab? If this sounds like some too-good-to-be-true Internet scam, it’s not. Welcome to

Jobless Lawyers: Stop Bellying Up to the Bar

Position your law degree as a plus. In your attitude and all marketing materials, highlight how your law degree can be asset in new career path. The way to present yourself is as a marketer or journalist with a legal background.

Age of Overshare: How TMI Can Actually Get You Ahead

Tell people what they want to hear, initially. The formal term for that is “leadership.” Leaders persuade others to follow them by tuning in to their minds and hearts, mirroring what’s in there, and then moving them along the change continuum. Yes, it’s possible and probable to pull the boss into following you.

Drains, Roofs, the Banking Crisis and Me

We are all simply perfect. We are all successful. We are all complete. We were born that way.

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