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Resumes That Rock

Wondering why employers aren’t calling you for a job interview? Maybe it’s your resume. Read this tips for a resume that rocks.

Painfully Employed – They Got it Bad and That Ain’t Good

When I was 13, I heard my great aunt say that she purchased an expensive car because she hated her job and needed an incentive to stay. Years later, when I struggled with my own discontent and watched others struggle with theirs, her words resonated with me. I may have been gainfully employed at the time, but I felt painfully employed.

Have You Considered the Sports Health and Wellness Niche?

Professionals from the health and wellness field are usually seen in hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers. They are also always around during emergencies wherein a person’s health is put into risk. Speaking of emergencies, sports are also filled with unexpected events, wherein injuries can inevitably occur due to rigid training and competing. With that said, health and wellness professionals must ask themselves whether they have truly considered the sports niche or not.

Is the Job Market Improving?

Wall Street has been on a tear this summer. There are indications that the worst is behind us and maybe we’ll start seeing some job growth. But then recently the Institute for Supply Management released some bad news about the health of the service sector and the market pulled back. What does this mean for you?

Technical Interviews & Non-Technical Interviews – Knowing is Half the Battle!

Usually, a technical interview is followed by a non-technical interview. After facing the tough technical interview, the non-technical interview seems like a piece of cake but most do not realize the toughness behind it. A non-technical interview is conducted to check the mental ability, reasoning and his/her stamina.

Technical Job Interviews Are Easier Than a Non-Technical One

Its a lot easier to face a technical interview than a non-technical one, a technical interview is where in the questions is based on your academics. These are straight from the book. Therefore, it is important to brush through your basics before attending any interview.

How to Answer Tricky Job Interview Questions

The interviewers mostly want to know your honest opinion about it rather than what is mentioned in the magazines and newspapers. Of course, when your opinion is backed up with few references will definitely make a very good impression on the interviewer

How to Become a Florist

If you enjoy creating flower arrangements, you may want to consider a career as a florist. A florist creates flower arrangements for customers who want to express their feelings for someone special or for a special occasion. You are not required to have a specific license to be a florist, but you do need knowledge and experience in flower and plant arrangement.

Skills Specialization Will Help You to Get a Well-Paid Job

The present day job market is very competitive and saturated as a result of high profile job losses that happened with the economic meltdown. However, be that as it may, those who have acquired special skills related to their jobs are still in high demand. Therefore, if you want to get the well paid jobs, you should specialize at a particular skill related to your area of competence.

Do This, Not That If You Want to Keep Your Job

If you’re like just about everyone else, you’re worried about becoming the next casualty at work. Times are tough indeed. And if your company is like most other companies, you’ve witnessed at least one round of layoffs since the economy crashed. It’s easy get down in a crisis like this, but here are some tips to help you keep your job.

Top Four Things That Make Someone Very Successful at Their Job

It’s not how well someone can do logo design or do promotional flyer design that makes them good at their jobs. Most people can be good at the tasks they are asked to do. However, in order to be extremely successful at their job, employees must possess the following four qualities. They must have the desire to succeed, have superior work ethic, be a good communicator and view what they’re doing as a career. If a person has these qualities they will grow and progress positively with the positions they hold and the money they earn.

Reduce Your Risk – 4 Secrets of Career Management

Now, more than ever it is important to manage your career. Competition for jobs has never been greater. Don’t be a layoff victim, take charge of your career by following the pillars of career management.

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