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Poor Career Advice Is Pervasive Online

Indeed, let’s hope you are not out of work, or have lost your job, and if you do still have a job like 90% of the workforce in the United States, I for one sincerely hope you keep it. But in the potential eventuality that you lose your job, it might be wise to think twice about taking career advice from online sources. Why is this you ask? Well, it’s a decent question, but let me explain it for you in simple terms.

Can Anyone Become a Personal Assistant?

Yes. But it depends on your motivation. Are you in it for the money? Does the possibility of world travel excite you? Are you enamored with the film industry? Or are you simply trying to get a leg up or use this to acquire new skills or contacts?

Supply Chain Management NVQ – A Fast Route to MCIPS

CIPS membership by the NVQ route. Enhancing your Supply Chain Management/Purchasing career. Supply Chain Management training for career advancement. you can qualify for MCIPS without sitting exams. There is a vocational route to MCIPS.

Preparing For a Successful Mining Career

When you think of getting a mining career, one of the advantages to this is that there are many positions available to unskilled workers as well. Although many vacant position postings cater to people considered to be skilled in their jobs, there is also a wide opportunity for unskilled workers who are still trying to gain experience. In the Australia mining industry for example, many job hunters want to find the entry level job perfect for their credentials.

Career Advice Made Easy

You know what I’ve discovered? Getting a job is hard work. I’m a final year student and for the past year or so I’ve been relishing the prospect of graduating and getting myself a real job so I can finally have some money.

Don’t Take Career Advice From an Unemployed Website Owner

Did you get laid off lately? Have you been surfing the Internet to find a potential new career or a high-paying job to match your former salary? If so, you have no doubt encountered endless websites promising you the world’s best career advice, and to your luck, you notice that most of it is free?

Don’t Take Career Advice From Anyone Who Has Never Been in the Industry

There sure are a ton of websites giving career advice during the recession, interestingly enough there are folks telling unemployed or laid off workers to seek employment in various so-called “recession proof” industries. And one could suppose that this is a noble thing to do except for a couple of facts.

Bad Career Advice is Everywhere, Especially on Campuses

Perhaps you have noticed all the advice that people are giving out lately on TV, in the newspapers and on the radio about career advice, choices, and what to do if you are one of the unfortunate folks who has been laid off during this recession. There are more articles, information and career advice online than one could read in a life time, and yet most of it is really poor advice.

Personal Assistant Tips on Finding Where the Jobs Are

Of course the best way for getting hired is to have a referral or recommendation from a close friend or associate of the person seeking to hire the Personal Assistant. If you don’t have these kinds of connections in your arsenal, then you will need to be resourceful in finding where the jobs are.

How Do You Deal With the Changes in Your Life?

Is there life after career? Almost anybody who has been in a private practice or a health care career ten years or more, will tell you that their view of practice and their personal role in it has changed dramatically over what it once was even a few short years ago. But these changes don’t have to be all bad. Here are some practical suggestions to help you get through the changes in your life and career.

Soaring Unemployment Rate at 8.5% – But It’s Actually Much Worse

Some sources show the unemployment rate close to 20%. This is approaching depression levels.

Career Advice – Self Development – Balancing My Extrovert Nature

This tip is part of a two part series on introverts and extroverts in the workplace – we’ll start with extroverts. Extroverted people are easily recognizable because they tend to gravitate to the center of a crowd and love to be right in the thick of the action. They tend to seek the spotlight. When it comes to jobs in organizations extroverts are usually found in roles such as sales people or other roles that have high people interaction responsibilities. But what happens when a group of employees are to heavily weighted towards extroversion? Well, they lack some of the gifts that introverts bring to the party, for example thoughtful reflection on issues!

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