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Business Advice You Never Heard Before

When you’re a solo entrepreneur, it all depends on you. As a result, a lot of entrepreneurs are constantly looking for information and inspiration. (Including me.)This quest for knowledge brings pearls of wisdom and necessary facts. But… it can also result in information overload. There is always something else or new to learn. But that doesn’t mean that what we know now is not good enough. And drowning ourselves in information only leads to feelings of overwhelm (‘I have so much to do!’) and guilt (‘And I’m not doing it!’) So how can we deal with this? How do you decide what you do or do not need to know? And what do you do with the stuff that you still want to read or study?

Professionalize Yourself

Before you begin your application process in any new industry there are some simple things you should do before handing out your contact information. I highlight some of the key aspects of professionalizing yourself, and presenting yourself in the best of light.

How Do You Become A Pilot

Congratulations, you’ve made it here! Learn all it takes to become a pilot and take your life to the next level.

How to Write a Business Report Efficiently

Business Report writing does seem to be harder than a normal task. This does not have to be the case, if you follow set guidelines.

Get the Most From an Employment Agency

Employment agencies can be a great help when you are looking for work. Find out how to get the most from your employment agency and improve your job prospects.

How to Find Hidden Jobs

Hidden jobs are those that are not advertised in the conventional media. Find out how to find these hidden job vacancies and improve your chances of getting the job you really want.

References Matter: Three Tips to Prep For Success

Don’t overlook the key step of prepping your strong references when it’s time to get a new job. You’d be surprised at what some employers discover during this important process!

Negotiation Tips to Increase Your Salary

So, you have been working for the same company or organization for some time. You have not received a raise and you know you are worth more than what you make. What should you do? You may want to think about some negotiation tips that you can implement to help you out.

The Secret to Finding Time for the Career Your Heart Wants

Do you struggle to find time to look for a career that fulfills you? Do you wonder how you can find the time to look for a career you love? Here are three simple steps I discovered, which you can take in as little as 15 minutes support you in having in a career that you love.

Give Your Employer More Confidence in Remote Working Methods

The recent decision by Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer to insist that all employees work in the office has led to an outcry from location independent workers, and companies that use remote workers, around the world. She has been criticised as being out of touch, failing to get with the times and missing out on all the benefits that remote working provides.

Want Career Success? Start With Your Personal Development

Having a great career takes more than showing up for the job. Growing oneself personally ultimately leads to professional and career success.

See How Easily You Can Make More Money And Have More Customers

For record profits, the business unit manager needs to build a creative company culture. This gives you a unique market, higher profits and more customers.

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