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How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Out

For most people, the word sales conjures up images of slick hucksters with painted-on smiles and polyester suits, tactless and saccharine in their approach. Therefore it isn’t too surprising when talented job seekers recoil at the prospect of having to “sell themselves” in an interview. Here are some ideas on how to convey your value to an employer without being overbearing and overconfident.

The Importance of Career Planning to Your Future Fortunes

In this article we will cover a little about the meaning and purpose of Career Planning. When it comes to career planning, you tend to think the craziest things when you are young and not yet focused on life. When you are a child you want to be the President, the Pope, or an astronaut; kids tend to shoot for the stars, however, when you grow up, you need to aim more realistically for your success, but not necessarily aiming lower than you can strive to succeed to.

Tips For Choosing Your New Career Path

Trying to figure out what you want to do for a career is tough. It’s easy to admit, “Well I don’t want this!” but it can be difficult to put your finger on what you do want to do. The options are endless. If you can think of a job that needs to be done, there is a job title waiting for you out there. So what do you want?

College Student Jobs – 3 Career Planning Ideas For Success

Choosing the right college student job now can help ensure a successful career search when you graduate. There are many ways your school can help you get a head start with your career planning. Give yourself an edge by getting started now. Here are some ideas on where to start.

Career Advice – Are You Trapped in a Mid-Life Crisis?

The mid-life crisis syndrome is real. It is a tough challenge. This trauma can occur at any age, but it most frequently strikes about the time of the dreaded 40th birthday. No one is immunized against its devastating affects; but there are steps than can be taken to manage this threat to career success.

Career Advice For Standing Alone in Your Decision Against a Group

There will be many times when the Career Advise on How To Stand Alone is the only company you’ll have. This situation will affect Blue and White Collar Employees alike, from board meetings to quick get togethers in the lunch room. This advice is meant to encourage you to stand up for your convictions especially when you feel pressured…

How to Successfully Implement Your Career Plan

Anyone can make plans, but successful people implement their plans and make them work. Planning without execution is just daydreaming.

Career Advice About How to Give and Get Clear Instructions

In my experience this tends to be the biggest cause for disagreements in the workplace. I have some Career Advice to share with you that you can use to completely prevent this from happening in the future. Use this four step method to ensure you give and get clear instructions every time:

Career Advice – Your Job May Be in Danger!

Wise careerists recognize and deal with the fact that job security is a thing of the past. They keep their antenna on alert for signs that their jobs may be in danger. They have stand-by plans to act if they get the pink slip. This article sets out warning signs and provides five actions steps to survive a pink slip if it comes.

Career Advice – Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way

Your life will be more effective and happier when you come to realize that it’s perfectly okay to choose the option–lead, follower, or get out of the way–that best suits your needs and desires. Your career success is not defined by what someone else expects of you. Genuine career success is what you define it to be.

Career Counselling For Graduates

Over the last few years, a new phenomenon for the corporate world has hit and been a hot topic of conversation regarding graduate recruitment – this is known as the managing of or coping with “Gen Y”. So what does this mean for graduates, employers and us as career practitioners? Firstly, it has it resulted in the development of numerous training courses, seminars, workshops and even academic research to teach the older generations how to “handle” them, it has lead the so called Generation Y to begin to label themselves as this.

Career Advice – Out-Of-Control Egos Pave the Way to Disasters

Career success requires self confidence…a healthy ego, one under control. How else can one have the courage to makes decisions and direct the activities of others? But egos out of control pave the way to disasters for careerists and the organization that employ them. A regular check-up of one’s ego is necessary. This article provides an 11-point questionnaire for such an inventory.

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