How Much Does MotorTube Make on YouTube

What Not to Do on a Job Interview

There are so many different lists out there telling people what they should be doing on an interview if they want to land the job of their dreams. Although these lists are great to follow, it often is more important to know what employers do not want to see on an interview.

Private Sector – Is it Really That Different From the Public Domain?

Is there really a comparison possible between public and private domains? They might be governed by more or less the same principles but their goals and the ways of achieving them are as different as night and day.

You Know What It’s Like in a Job Market Like This

Being outside of your comfort zone is almost never fun. In fact, it can be downright frightening. You can find a computer virus, put together the perfect outfit, schedule 35 people in a busy retail store or teach a room of students one a given subject but the new and unknown is scary. You’re not alone. However, as you’re thinking outside the box, think about marketing.

Hunting For Good Computer Animation Jobs

After finishing your studies in computer animation, there are several questions that you should answer before applying in any animation companies. First, you should ask your self if you have done a good reference while you are studying. Companies will prefer to hire graduates with impressive grades.

Can a Woman Be a “Handyman”?

While the standard image of a handyman is a man, any woman who is strong enough to lift a 50 pound bag of feed and smart enough to re-light a pilot light can be a handyman. In fact, you will have an advantage in a number of situations simply be being a woman. Why? Because most of your clients are going to be women.

Software Test Architect – Role and Responsibilities

Exploring the role and responsibilities of a Software Test Architect. While Architects in the Development function are easier to find, few organizations have Test Architects whom testers can look up to and learn from. This post explains the role of a Test Architect and highlights the attributes required of this individual.

Online Transcription Practice – Simple Tips You Should Know

If you want to be successful in your transcription work, it is important to continue to practice your transcription skills even as after you have completed your training. I’ll give you some simple tips to help in your online transcription practice from home.

How Can You Enhance Your Marketability in an Ailing Economy?

In the absence of a degree to support your potential, you may as well be a ghost in the business globe. Online education will offer you a rapid substitute to the problems of “brick and mortar” education and get you a complete degree.

Waste Management Jobs

Waste management jobs have seldom been considered to provide a particularly good career in the past. But, that has all changed, and I will explain why I think you should consider taking a waste management job.

3 Critical Personality Traits You Need to Get One of Those Client Support Jobs

Client service centers are an entry point to many companies that hiring managers use for their internal talent pool. Client support jobs require a unique blend of personality traits that can lead to other opportunities and open other doors in the company. Do you have the personality and will to stick it out to understand your customer and get them through their issues?

Americans Are Waiting in Long Lines to Apply For a Job That They May Be Overqualified For

This article will discuss the state of the current economy and because so many people are losing their jobs, they are forced to apply for jobs that they are overqualified for. This has resulted in smaller chances for entry level applicants to get their feet in the door to start working as well as having people that are more educated and qualified working for people that are less educated and qualified than them.

Database Administrator Careers

Database administrators are often confused with computer systems analysts and even computer scientists. While these three careers are often lumped together when it comes to reporting trends and salaries, each career has its own set of job duties, educational requirements, and even salary.

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