How Much Does Mr. Kate Make on YouTube

How to Look For a Job – For People Who Are 50 Years and Up

First of all, you have to decide your motives for looking for a job. If it is because you are not financially stable yet and you need regular income, you have to state it. Other people are only for voluntary jobs. They will offer volunteer work on companies, universities and others.

Find Your Intellectual Bliss With Online Adjunct Faculty Positions

It is pretty difficult for a traditional college instructor teaching at physical colleges and universities to find intellectual bliss of any kind given the current academic economic environment. However, it does not have to remain a negative situation since it is possible with distance education technology to find your intellectual bliss with online adjunct faculty positions.

Fear is the Biggest Killer of Dreams and Goals

When you harness it and use it as a personal growth tool, FEAR can be your best friend. The biggest fear I think for bloggers who want to monetize their content and niche knowledge is that they really can’t see past the first hurdle.

Getting Job Interview Help For Aviation Jobs

Considering job interview coaching is a good personal investment because good preparation helps you gain confidence because a confident job applicant will have a good chance of getting the job. If you want to be the best candidate for the airline pilot or flight attendant position, get job interview help for aviation jobs.

Networking – Hate to Miss It, But I Really Don’t Want to Go!

Networking is touted as the best resource for professional success and personal growth. Whether you are looking for a job, professional development, business opportunities or shared-interest socializing, networking is said to be the key. But like any other key, it doesn’t work unless it clicks.

Tips For Securing Your Job and Even Getting a Promotion

The competition for jobs is very tough right now so if you do have a job you need to hold on to it if you can. I am going to give you a proven method to secure your job and even get a promotion.

Help I Need a JOB – What Should I DO

The first thing you should do is to stop saying, “Help I need a job”. I have realised over the years that people who request help for this and that, tend to be the laziest people on this planet. They tend not to care to find the answers themselves, but rather would need to be spoon fed and guided. However I do have to say, that there also a handful of people like you perhaps who have tried to look everywhere and failed miserably, therefore it would be wise for them to ask for help.

Hate Your Job? Have a Plan Before You Quit

I had lunch with a friend the other day who left her job earlier this year. She relayed to me how she had gotten fed up with a particular client, and so she decided to quit. She had about four months of living expenses saved up, so she figured she was good to go while she looked for another job.

Island Physician Jobs – Rewarding Practice in Bermuda, a Tropical Paradise

Wouldn’t it be nice to practice medicine in a tropical paradise? You can- by becoming…

So, You Have Been Out of Work For Almost One Year

If you’ve been actively searching for a new job approaching nine-plus months, something is fundamentally wrong. If you’ve not found any job for nine-plus months, be creative and be motivated. Jobs are not going to find you; You need to find a job.

Online Adjunct Employment Opportunities Can Revive a Flagging Teaching Career

For many college teachers it may seem as if a university teaching career is a lost cause, but nothing could be less the case. Distance education technology has matured over the last ten to fifteen years to the point that online bachelor degree programs and online master’s degree programs are very common.

What Affects a Private Investigator Salary?

The typical private investigator salary is not a hard and fast number. They vary based on experience, location and job description and are different from one company to another. About one in five private investigators are self employed.

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