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How to Advance Your Career After Your Post-Graduate Studies

After post-graduate studies, there are steps to take to kick start your career to ensure that you have a rewarding and exciting career with great rewards. Even in the current economic climate, there are great opportunities and you can make the most of your career.

Changing Career at 45

Changing careers at 45 could be challenging. Read this article to learn how can you win this battle!

How to Become a More Effective Team Leader

A survey of 1,000 employed U.S. citizens that 65% believed a better relationship with their immediate supervisor would make them “happier in their current jobs.” The survey found several characteristics of team leaders caused this unhappiness. This survey is specific and offers a guideline for how to become a more effective team leader.

Why Job Seekers Need To Think Differently In Today’s Job Market And How To Go About It

There are two major forces at work in the job market today, that were not there just 10 years ago. Firstly, there are many more people looking for work than there were just a decade ago. In looking for work this does not just mean those people who are unemployed and looking for their next career position. It includes also those people who are employed but unhappy in their current position. Many companies now operate with fewer and fewer people who have to do more and more in their day to day roles and therefore the stresses and strains on every employee are now much greater. Therefore in addition to those people who are currently unemployed, you have to add to that figure the very many people who are, as one recruiter has put it, in “permanent job hunt”.

Don’t Leave Hiring All Up To the Boss – Part 2

Your edge is to discuss the business results they are after that go beyond what’s stated on the website. Gather general findings about the work you want: the roles at the next level up or the new function you want to cross over to or the companies that you should be with, but don’t overinvest before you get a meeting.

Stop Being Kept Waiting For the Best Jobs – Part 1

Whenever someone is looking for a better job, a role that challenges and fulfils them as a person and pays what their strengths are worth – what’s the hardest thing about finding one? Nothing. That is, not enough happens.

Sort Out Personal Information

It’s very important to communicate with peers at work. Think carefully what personal information you will open to your colleagues.

Overcoming Burnout

Burnout is a widely spread psychological disorder, there is no guarantee that you won’t ever face it. This article contains advice how to overcome burnout and lead a happy life.

Ways to Change Your Attitude to Job

Sometimes a person needs to be persuaded not to quit. In this article, you can find reasons to stay and advice how to see everything in a new light.

Moving Up or Moving On – Are You Ready for Market?

These are challenging times for everyone in the workplace. Even if you have a job – and are successful at it – the vagaries of the economic climate mean you can still be touched by the long-arm of redundancy. And, if you’re a middle or senior manager looking to move on, any prospective job change needs to be planned and prepared for with considerable care if you’re to be successful. The competition from other qualified and experienced candidates is especially strong.

You Can Do It! Don’t Quit!

When “life happens” (and I know a thing or two about life happening!) it can be tempting to throw in the towel; back down, or just plain give up. This can show up in many forms. It may look like “settling”, pretending it was never really that important, or simply quietly burying a dream. Often times all you really need is a little retreat to rest and regroup. But ironically it’s at the moment of defeat, or after a big let down, that we feel the least able to let ourselves off the hook with some kindness and self-care.

New Year, New Career 2013

The New Year is almost here! This is a great time to step back and reflect on your career goals. For many people, little thought was put into their career choice.

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