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Volunteering Offers Many Pluses During Job Search

One of the questions my clients sometimes ask me is how should they treat their volunteer experience when it comes to their resume? This is true in particular of those who have been searching for paid employment for a long period of time.

9 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Enhance Your Career

Who wants to use the social networks successfully, should follow some rules in order to ultimately leave a professional impression. Follow the following 9 tips to increase your career opportunities and be successful with the social media networks.

Physician Assistant Programs in USA!

The Physician Assistant profession is quickly becoming very popular in the United States. More and more institutes are offering courses to help fill up the increasing demand for Physician Assistants. With over 159 accredited programs to choose from, and about 4 different levels of study, it is easier for students to follow their dream of becoming an important part of the healthcare system. Complete your degree at the Master’s or Bachelor’s level. If time is a limiting factor, go for an Associate’s Degree program or even a Certificate program!

4 Types of Physical Therapist Assistant Certification

A physical therapist assistant, under the supervision of a physical therapist, treats patients and helps them recover from injury, illness or any other condition which prevents mobility. The certification programs allow students to get preliminary training which prepares them for the 2 year degree program.

The Advantages of High Emotional Intelligence

Though some companies have no interest in emotional intelligence despite the documented benefits, you can still utilize the power for yourself. Management will also take notice when several employees undergo such improvements.

What You Should Expect As A Medical Assistant

Everyone has a certain desire to pursue a certain career of interest. This article is mainly directed to people who want to become medical assistants. As the name suggests, medical assistants are people who work alongside doctors or nurses.

Journaling for Job Search: Part 1

It is very easy to lose your way in a career when you are focusing on the daily tasks, rather than the big picture of your goals and ambitions. This article discusses journaling as a tool to keep your interests first and foremost in your mind so you can recognize when you want to make a change long before you actually need to.

Setting and Achieving Your Personal Goals in Life

In order to break out of this path and get yourself headed toward a higher goal, you must recognize how you got started in that direction in the first place. Once you determine how you got started, it will be easier to see what you need to do in order to change course. Setting goals for oneself of self employment and entrepreneurship will help you break out of the pack and accept the changes that are going on in the workplace in the new century. So many people today are afraid to change that mindset and learn to think outside of the box when it comes to employment. They want the government to create jobs for them rather than think of ways they can create jobs for themselves. Everyone is unique and has something that they can do that they excel at, if they are willing to learn about themselves and their abilities. The problem is that for so long people have learned to let others dictate to them what their abilities are, therefore, it is difficult for them to take control of their lives and make their own decisions for themselves.

Choosing The Right Job For You

We all come across a juncture in our lives when we think, is this the job we always desired? Though some of us think that earning a handsome salary is all we need, and it is indeed an important aspect of a job, but what about the other half of the story? Is the job motivating for you?

What’s The Secret To Having A Six-Figure Career?

There really are some secrets about having a six-figure career. Six-figure earners share many of the same qualities. Read on to discover what they are.

Plus Size Modelling – Changing the Way Society Views Women

When you think about modelling, you usually get a picture in your head of some skinny woman that needs a good meal. In the past the only models that you used to see were stick thin and not able to complete a decent meal for fear of gaining weight.

Changing Employers: Making A Great First Impression

A local professional who was not feeling valued and fulfilled in her current employment hired me. She found an open position that inspired her to move on. It has been years since she changed companies and was concerned about making a great first impression.

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