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Business Philosophy – What It Should Be

What should be our primary focus or goal in business or at our job?. Have the right one and we can’t help, but succeed. Have the wrong one and we may not and even if we do, it will be more difficult and less enjoyable. So what should our business philosophy or motive be?

10 Skills Every Manager Needs to Have

In this highly competitive market managers need to have skills that will enhance their productivity and performance. The managers have to lead the team and help their staff achieve success. Sounds easier than it actually is, but it’s something which is possible to achieve and works wonders for managers. The online job market is competitive and having these skills as a manager can really help you boost your career service or advancement. Here is my list with all the necessary skills every managers needs to have:

3 Steps to Ensure The Job Is a Good Fit – Before You Take It

Wouldn’t it be nice to ensure a job is a good fit BEFORE you take it? Almost a slam dunk guarantee? Well, there is a way. Some people are so happy to have the offer though that they don’t care about the fit. They just want the job. Unfortunately, if they skip this step, 6 months later, they are unhappy. There are 3 things you can do to ensure the job is a good fit – BEFORE you take it.

Cleaning Up Your Digital Dirt

By now, most people know that everything they say online might as well be said on national television. Of course some, like the none too bright thieves who post their spoils on MySpace are never going to learn, but the vast majority of us have started to protect our online identities. Unfortunately, sometimes dirt from our past still haunts the internet, and some of it, like things posted by exes or old friends may be out of our control.

5 Common Issues for the Human Resource Department

The human resources department is responsible for a number of employee-related functions in a company. It is essentially the department that manages the relationships between employees and the company, as it deals with hiring, firing, compensation, benefits, and employee grievances and disputes.

Your Boss Is a Unqualified for the Job: Here’s How to CYA

Unfortunately, it happens. Companies hire individuals who they think are stars. These individuals somehow sell themselves very well in interviews. But once they start working, the star quickly fades. In fact, they are incompetent. But what’s worse, is that these people manage others. The most important thing to do when someone more senior than you is incompetent, is to avoid being collateral damage.

Rethinking Career for Mature Workers

I look at how mature workers can redesign their careers, especially when faced with premature layoff. An examination of self-assessment and developing multiple income streams is offered as methods.

Essential Requirements To Become A Career Consultant

With so many different career options made available to youngsters and students today, choosing the right profession can be quite a perplexing task. It is essential to choose the right profession for a better life style and financial status. However, most people are confused with the variety of options and courses available today. A good career consultant can provide the required assistance to such people and guide them to take up the right profession.

Job Security? Jobs Haven’t Been A Form Of Security In Decades

Imagine: You’re walking the grey corridors of a corporate block. Your host in the stuffy suit turns to you and says, “And in this cubicle is Mr John Bon Jovi, our finest accountant. Funny story actually; he used to talk about becoming a “Rock Star.” Fortunately, we talked some sense into him. Yep, John did the responsible thing! Say hello, John. Good boy! Now catch the peanut.”

How To Get A Red Hat Linux Certification

So, you’re thinking of getting a Linux certification, but not sure how? Don’t worry, it’s a common question. I’ve written this post to help answer some of the questions you may have in this area.

Examples of Good and Bad Thank You Emails to Send After an Interview for a Job

Since interviews are completed quickly, it is difficult to assess all aspects of the applicant, such as the applicant’s enthusiasm, ability to learn and adapt, etc., apart from politeness and congeniality which are essential in any work place. An email note after the completion of a job interview addressed to the interviewers would help to keep a applicant in focus and note how excited they are to work for the company. It is a polite gesture as well.

Good Template for a Thank You Note After Interviewing

The below article will provide a template that can be used for writing a thank you letter. Please check it out to get a good sense for how a thank you letter should be written, what to include, and how to format it.

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