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Career Change – How Old is Too Old?

So, you may be a film star, trapped in the body of an accounts clerk. And you may have given up on your dream years ago… to the outside world. But there is still the flicker of a flame burning inside, telling you that it’s possible.

Become a Fashion Designer With Creativity and Passion

To become a fashion designer, you must be a very creative person with an eye for style. Fashion designers are people who conceptualize and create outfits that clothing companies will sell to consumers.

Career Advice – Tactics to Accelerate Your Career

There are four basic strategies to engage when it comes to accomplish the goal of tenacious men and women to attain a successful career. These strategies as we call them tips in this article are easy to be applied as long as you are willing to go by the following rules: be honest in your feelings and the other one to dampen your own self/ego.

What Does an Animator Career Mean?

An animator career means you are an artist and express your thoughts through a variety of different ways. A painter might use a canvas and watercolors or oils for their paintings. Some like to paint things they see around them.

What Makes a Great International Internship?

Thinking about an international internship? Make China your destination for unbeatable work experience opportunities and a unique perspective.

Get a Job With the CIA

Want to get a job with the CIA? See this article for the insider tips they don’t want you to know!

Interior Designer Education is a Must For This Line of Work

If you want to be an interior designer then you will need to go to college and further your education. Even for an entry level position it is required you at least have an associate’s degree.

If You Like Blending Colors in Your Home, Then You Might Want to Have an Interior Designer Career

When a person has an interior designer career it means they are able to transform the interior of a building. The person is able to combine colors with different textures and lighting in order to capture the mood a client is looking for.

The 5 Out of 100 Rule!

Earl Nightingale in his recording, The Strangest Secret, talks about how only 5 out of 100 people are successful. I listen to this recording at least once a week. Every time I get something new out of it because I really listen to the lessons and apply them to life.

Career Change at 50 – A Change is Coming

Are you looking for a career change? Perhaps you’re looking for a career change at 50 or over?

Fashion Designer Salary Depends on How Good You Are

A fashion designer salary is not real high when you are first out of college. One thing to remember is you are going to have to build your up and have lots of years under your belt before you make really good money.

How to Act During a Web Conference at Work

If you are someone who is participating in a conference over the World Wide Web then rest assure it is going to be a hell of an experience for you. You might lead the web conference or you might even be one of the participants, either way the entire experience is going to be a nerve wracking one for you.

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